Waxing, probably the only reason for every girl’s last moment salon visits. Waxing makes your skin look smooth soft and shiny.


Waxing can give your skin’s good impressions for every first meet. Similarly, there are many theories and knowledge involved to get the perfect waxing done for your skin.


Knowing your skin first plays an important role, then proceed with knowing the facts about waxing and its types. Let us know in detail every single detail about waxing. You can also get waxing done at home with rigorous practice and efforts.


It also becomes economical and cost-effective when you do it at home. Scroll down to know more about waxing, it’s uses, it’s types, it’s pros and cons, etc. 


The cycle of hoping and trying may not work every time. The trial and error method may also lead to failures at times. A recent Society of Dermatology SkinCare Specialists (SDSS) study shows that 88% of women don’t know the right products for their skin. Isn’t that shocking?


The first step before using any skin treatment of remedy is to find out what actually suits your skin type and basics of the skin treatment. 

Tips For Infection Free Waxing Before You Start To Wax

Usually when you go for waxing, sometimes there are many chances of getting infected and start itching, To reduce the chances of getting infected and to attain smooth and soft skin, here are some tips. Scroll down to know more.

1 Know Your Hair Length


People usually wax with a very less interval of time which leads to no proper growth of hair. Your hair must be at least ¼ inch to get waxed again. This way it becomes easy to grasp and remove it.

Frequent waxing can also loosen the skin. So the next time you decide to wax, make sure your hair is grown enough.

 2 Keep Checking Your Periods Regularly

Never get waxed when you are on your period, or near your periods anytime. Your body undergoes a lot of changes and gets a lot of pain.

And waxing is absolutely not necessary as your body can’t handle more pain at that time.

3 Stop Exfoliating Your Skin Before Waxing


Exfoliating before waxing is an absolutely bad idea as it can result in sensitive skin. Sensitivity in the skin can cause irritation and later lead to some serious skin problems.

Exfoliating just before waxing is not recommended whereas exfoliating two to three days before is absolutely fine.

4 Avoid Moisturizing Your Skin


Moisturizer may act as a barrier between skin and hair follicles as it tends to settle down. So, avoiding moisturizer is a very good idea just before waxing.

When the moisturizer gets settled in pores, it makes it hard to pull out. Moisturize your skin a day before, so, it doesn’t feel dry while waxing.

 5 Hygiene Is The Key

No matter where you get your waxing done, be sure to maintain hygiene. If you are waxing it by yourself make sure to clean your tools first.

If minor cuts and nicks happen during waxing, bacteria will not enter into your body. But if you do not clean your tools, chances are more to get affected by infections.

 6 Prepare Your Sensitive Areas

Use ice on your skin before waxing, especially on sensitive areas such as upper lip, underarms, etc. Ice numbs the area and makes it easy to wax.

It also causes less pain which is definitely one of the pros of using ice on skin.


Different Kinds Of Wax To Experiment With

Did you ever notice at the salon that people go for different kinds of wax and you are still stuck with the same old traditional hot wax technique? Let us explore some of its kind and let our skin choose one according to its type.

 1 Sugar Wax

Sugar wax has been in talks for a very long time. It is completely made of natural ingredients and is used for centuries now. This natural remedy wax pulls out hair from its roots and gives you a smooth skin.

The best part is, it doesn’t have any side effects on the skin. This can be used multiple times in a particular area without causing any harm. This works wonders for people with sensitive skin.

 2 Chocolate Wax

Chocolate wax is another best wax for your skin. Chocolate not only melts in your mouth but also on skin causing less pain than sugar wax. It has many anti oxidant properties and thus it is very beneficial for the skin.

This also has almond oil and glycerin as it’s remaining ingredients which will moisturize your skin during the wax. If you are looking for luxurious pampering and some expensive wax then chocolate wax it is.

 3 Fruit Wax

Fruits are known to enhance the glow on the skin. Fruit wax contains fruits such as berries, banana, and papaya. These are highly beneficial to get the glow on your skin.

These are also very rich in nutrients which will help you get the perfect moisture. It works wonders for sensitive skin as well. It does not cause any skin allergies as it is rich in antioxidant properties. 

 4 Hot Wax

Hot wax is the most common method of waxing where beeswax is warmed and used directly on the skin. This is very common and most opted for as it easily removes the hair from the skin and can be spread over a larger area.

Flat stick like applicator is essential and waxing strips are required for hot waxing techniques. 

 5 Cold Wax

This is a very convenient and mess-free way of waxing. For cold wax, wax doesn’t need to be melted or heated in any form. It is travel-friendly and very easy to use.

These are readymade and available as waxing strips in the market with wax attached to it. These are in semi-solid form with thick consistency. But this may not give you accurate results.

5 Tips For Painless Waxing

1 Keep checking your skin


Keep an eye on your skin and avoid using wax on the areas where there are cuts, burns, and pimples.

It’s always recommended to consult a dermatologist regarding waxing if you have any kind of allergy.

 2 Keep an eye on wax temperature


Do not overheat your wax or over cool it. Keep an eye on its temperature and regulate it accordingly.

Too hot wax can burn your skin whereas cold wax may not spread over it properly. It must be of ideal temperature.

 3 Keep going in the right direction


Always find the right direction of your hair growth and apply the wax accordingly to remove it. This way it becomes easy to remove all the hair efficiently and easily.

Have a closer look and try in various directions to get the right direction.

 4  Keep avoiding multiple applications


Finish this in one go. Do not over apply or do it multiple times in one area. Waxing an area multiple times can lead to rashes, redness, and burns.

Threading or tweezing can be better for the tiny hair which does not come out easily.


 5  Keep applying ice on the burns


While waxing it is possible that you may get very minor burns due to the heat variation of wax.

This can be cured with ice. Rub ice on the particular area or soak that area in cold water.


Tips For After Wax Routine

1 Focus on wearing loose clothing

Wearing breathable loose and cotton clothing is recommended after waxing. Wearing tight clothes can make your skin worse.

Wearing soft and breathable clothing will help your skin to heal well.

2 Avoid going out in the sun

After waxing, skin needs time to heal and after waxing always avoid going out in the sun as your skin is the most sensitive at that point.

It becomes vulnerable and is easily prone to damage. Sunburn and tan is highly possible at this point in time.

3 Avoid going to the gym

Working out after waxing is not recommended at all. It is because the pores are open and are not suitable for any excretion.

If you sweat rigorously, your freshly waxed skin can cause bacteria to spread over your skin.

4 Avoid exfoliating your skin

Scrubbing skin after wax can make it very rough and easy to get damaged. Using scrub is not a good idea after waxing by any chance.

5 Avoid using thick creams

Thick creams will only clog your pores after waxing. So it is always best to avoid these creams at least for an entire day. 

Pros of Waxing

  • Hair takes at least 2 to 6 weeks to grow back after waxing

  • Ingrown hair becomes less automatically.

  • Mess is a lot lesser than other creams.

  • Hair growth is less and thinner.

  • It is a quick and fun free use.

Cons Of Waxing

  • A particular hair growth is pulled out
  • It is a very painful process
  • It can irritate the sensitive skin
  • It is a little expensive on one side

Don’t you think you are now well equipped with enough weapons of knowledge to fight those unwanted bodily hairs? Enjoy your next waxing session with complete confidence.