When it comes to having a fresh hairstyle, your face size and shape is one of the most important and vital factors to consider. After all, you can choose the prettiest new cut, but if it doesn’t work with your face, it isn’t going to be all you dreamed of.

 So, instead of opting for the latest trend, try selecting a style that suits your face shape instead. Whether your face is a rectangle, oval, square, circle, triangle, heart or diamond, the right cut will expertly frame and balance it while showcasing your best features for a flattering and complementary appearance.

But here comes the question how can you actually determine what shape your face is? The answer is It’s very simple. The first thing to do is to get yourself a flexible tape measure. Then start taking the following measurements, recording each of them as you go.

  • Forehead: Start measuring across your face from the peak of your one eyebrow arch to the peak of the opposite arch of your eyebrow.
  • Cheekbones: Secondly than start measuring across your cheekbones. Start and end at the pointiest part below your outer corner of each eye.
  • Jawline: Thirdly measure from the tip of your chin to below your ear. Do it at the point where your jaw angles upwards. Then multiply that number by two to get your jawline measurement.
  • Face Length: And lastly, finish the measure starting from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin.

Once you’ve taken all of these measurements, try to note down which is the largest of the four, and then start to compare this to the seven main face profiles to find out what does your face shape falls under.

  1. Oval Shape:Face length that is greater than the width of the cheekbones and also the forehead is greater than the jawline are considered to be under Oval shape. The shape also features the angle of the jaw rounded rather than sharp.
  2. Rectangle Shape: When your measurement for the face length comes equally in sizes for cheekbones, forehead, and jawline you can consider it as a Rectangle shape.
  3. Triangular Shape: Jawline the measures greater than your cheekbones are triangular shaped. They also measure larger than the forehead.
  4. Round Shape: In a round shape you will find the cheekbones and your face length have a similar measurement. They are considerably larger than your forehead and jawline. The angle of the jaw is softer and much less defined.
  5. Heart Shape: In the Heart shape your forehead will measures greater than your jawline and cheekbones. The chin is rather pointed in this kind of shape.
  6. Square Shape: In square shape faces all the measurements come out fairly similar. The angle of your jaw will be much sharper rather than rounded.
  7. Diamond Shape: In diamond face, the length measures the largest. Then while in descending order you will find cheekbones, forehead, and jawline is the smallest. The chin shape will be pointed out.

The fashion queen Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who is going to cut her hair is about to change her whole life.” A haircut is something that can make or break your look. It is the most obvious aspect of a person, and a bad hair job can be completely off-putting to others. So choose carefully the best hairstyle for your face shape. 

Your hairstyle adds to your beauty, gives you confidence and complements your best features. While face shape is an important thing to consider, there are few other factors that should play a vital role in your decision. While choosing a style, don’t forget to consider your personality, hair texture, body type, and your lifestyle as well. 


1. Haircuts For Oval Faces


Seen as a genetic jackpot for the lucky women’s, an oval face may not be the best of face shapes for men, but it can be considered as a good canvas for experimentation. If you by any chance have an oval face shape, you should probably consider yourself lucky. 

However, if you’re looking for a style with impact, you should consider opting for either long locks or a cute, short crop. For ladies who like short hair in their oval face can try a blunt bob with subtle layers. This look is considered particularly chic. 


2. Haircuts for Rectangle Faces


Said to be the longest of the face shapes, a rectangular face shape falls somewhere between an oval and a square. It requires a tweaked hairstyle to ensure the face doesn’t appear even longer than it already is for men. 

For women, a soft layered cut, for example, can enhance cheekbones while disguising the corners of the face. However, you should be careful to avoid overly long styles, which can further elongate your appearance. If you do opt for a long length, try styling your hair with a blowout, waves or curls. As for updos, choose soft and romantic chignons. 


3. Haircuts for Inverted Triangle Face


Triangle face shapes feature a very strong jawline that is wider than your forehead and a chin that is flat or square in shape. 

As such, for ladies with a triangle face, it’s essential to pick a hairstyle that will balance out the jaw and minimize the bottom-heavy appearance of the face. To do so, try opting for a cut with layers, which will soften your features. 


4. Haircuts for Round Faces


Round face shapes have a typical feature with a similar length and width. It also showcases a prominent rounded cheek. The most flattering hairstyles for ladies that have round faces are those that add shape and definition.

 In particular, long layered cuts and choppy pixie cuts tend to look best. If opting for a layered cut, choose long, staggered layers that start around the jawline.


5. Haircuts for Heart Faces


If you have a beautiful heart-shaped face, your structure will feature a broad forehead with cheekbones and also a narrow chin and jawline. In such cases, you should try to balance your face shape with a cut that decreases your brow width.

 Try to increase the width of the lower half of your face. For example, a long side-swept cut will disguise part of your forehead while drawing eyes down to the bottom of your face. 


6. Haircuts for Square Faces


A square-shaped face features a broad forehead, wide cheekbones, and a strong jawline. So, if you have a square face, selecting a cut that softens these features is essential for a flattering appearance. For a look that complements your bone structure, consider a side-parted style, which will offset the squareness. 

Long and airy layers can also be flattering and will help to disguise the sharp angles of your face. If you like a cropped length, consider a short, layered bob.


7. Haircuts for Diamond Faces


A diamond shape is an angular face shape that simply features a narrow jawline and forehead with high cheekbones at the widest point of your face. Ladies with diamond face shapes should soften their sharp angles and try to balance their cheekbones.

 For a soft look, consider a medium or long layered cut is worn with tousled waves and a deep side part. Narrow in the chin and brow, with width in the cheeks, the diamond is one of the rarer face shapes in men too. 

Image Source: gettyimages.in