Think ‘man haircut‘ and the first images that come to your mind is that of several men seated in a row at a ‘barber’ shop and getting a haircut done. 

However, men’s hairstyling has come a long way and moved from barber’s shops to styling salons, which were often considered a female bastion. Look around anywhere in any city, and chances are that you’ll find innumerable salons that are changing the way we view a man’s haircut.


A good haircut can make you stand out in a crowd and can take your fashion game up a few notches. It increases your confidence level as it puts the focus on you wherever you go. And this rule holds true for both men and women. 

However, a man’s haircut isn’t discussed as often as it should be. But don’t you worry. We have your back. We bring you here the top haircuts for men, for all types of hair. Check out the one which suits you:


Types Of Haircuts For Men

Depending upon the texture and type of hair, here are the man haircuts that you can go for:


Haircut For Men With Curly Hair

Curly hair can be a tad difficult to maintain as they generally tend to be dry. However, the key to maintaining awesome curls is to go slow with frequent shampooing; use a leave-in hair serum, and, of course, trying these special haircuts for men with curly hair.


Curly Fringe :


In our opinion, curly hair is the best type of hair to carry the fringe cut for men. In this haircut, the crown area and front are cut in long layers whereas the sides and back are trimmed really short. This effectively highlights the fringe at the front. This is an easy-to-maintain hairstyle. Make sure to pull your curls toward the forehead each time you comb. To give it a glam twist, add a few blonde highlights to the fringe.


Curly Pompadour :


The pompadour is the most popular haircut for men with curly hair. Originally a women’s hairstyle, this hair cut reached the zenith of its popularity due to Elvis Presley. In this haircut, the front curls are cut to a precise length and then moved upward and back, away from the face while retaining the curly texture. The sides are usually tapered into a fade to highlight the pomp. A dash of gloss is usually added to up the glam factor of this cut. However, to get this haircut right, grow your curls to a longer length.


Blow Out Haircut :

 If you are not inclined toward a glamorous or glossy look and prefer something more understated, then the blow out haircut is the right one for you. Unlike pompadour or fringe, this one retains most of the hair on top including around the crown area. The side tapering is usually kept low and is trimmed really short or shaved. The idea is to retain most of the hair volume so that all you need to do is brush your fingers through (instead of a comb) and you are good to go!


Haircut For Men With Thin Hair

Creating a good haircut for men with thin hair can be quite tricky as any more trimming or cutting can give the impression of baldness. Keeping this in mind, here are few haircuts for men with thin hair which are not only stylish but also add volume.


Pompadour With An Undercut :

 And, it is pompadour to the rescue again! The full-on bufo-like illusion of this style makes it an ideal haircut for men with thin hair. But instead of a fade for the sides, go for a complete undercut. This will make the pomp the center of attention. This style gives a sleek and sophisticated look.


Loose Side Swept Hair : 

Men with thin hair, if you like the fringe style of a haircut but always thought it was unachievable, then this haircut is good news for you. This loose side-swept haircut is slightly messy and stylish depending on how you choose to wear it – loose or tamed. While most haircuts for men with thin hair focuses on layering, this cut highlights the fringe to take away the attention from the thinness. The best part of this haircut is that it gives a sense of fullness to the thin hair both vertically as well as horizontally.


Side Texture Tapered Style :

 If you are looking for a cut that gives you a neat and professional look yet works well for a casual outing, then this style is just what you are looking for. Here, the front hair is cut into medium-to-long layers with short, tapered sides. The thin hair actually works as an advantage in this cut as you can easily comb the hair to give it a side-swept look. Thus maintaining the neatness of this cut.


Haircut For Men – Short Hair

Think haircut for men in short hair and the first image that crops up in your mind is that of a military officer or soldier. There is something appealing about those short haircuts that look refreshing, especially during the summers. No wonder it makes women go weak in the knees when they see the men in uniform sport these styles! So, if you too wish to up your style quotient, here are the most popular haircuts for short hair. These cuts are the foundations. You can combine these and play around with other stylish cuts too:


Buzz Cut :


Also known as military cut, colloquially, this style is an all-time favorite short haircut for men. It’s fresh, hassle-free, and very, very low maintenance. The short sides in this haircut also serve as a canvas for various shape ups, sideburn and neck tapers, with the most popular being the razored flash signs.


Messy Spikes :


If you wish to retain a bit of length to your hair yet need short hair around the neck, then go for spikes. The messy spikes are also very stylish. It is a great combination of short hair low-maintenance and the glam quotient of the spikes. Just rub in some gel with your fingers and you are ready to rock the party.


Quiff :

Remember TinTin? Don’t we simply love the cute look of the dashing reporter? A short tuft of hair in the front is swept straight up and back. The rest of the hair is trimmed and tapered at the sides, thereby highlighting the quiff. This cut will work really well if the quiff is straight, soft and yet stiff. So, if your hair is limp, add a dash of gel to hold the quiff.


Haircut For Men – Long Hair

Before we discuss haircuts for men in long hair, let us admit that choosing to keep their hair long is a bold decision. Because maintaining long hair isn’t an easy task (we’re sure a lot of women would nod in agreement). Using the right kind of shampoo and conditioner is key to maintaining the good shape of any haircut for men in long hair. Also, the right kind of styling products can add zing to any style.


Long Side Fringe :

The fringe is the hottest style in the world of man haircuts. And if you need a dramatic effect, then the long side fringe is apt for it. Choose the side where you wish to part your hair. Then the fringe is cut into long layers and swept on that side. Thereafter, the sides and back are gradually tapered and given a low fade. This way you get the style of the long hair as well as the hassle-free, low-maintenance benefit of short hair. But remember to use the right products each time you wash and style your cut.


Slick Back Hair :

If you wish to keep your forehead clear, then go for this slick-back cut. In this haircut, the front hair and crown area are cut in long layers whereas the sides and back are given a low tapered cut. The slick back hair looks really sleek and professional, especially for that big meeting you have. Suitable hair color or highlights can up the glam quotient of this look.


Combover Hair :


This is a classic haircut for men in long hair. The hair is cut in long layers on the top and the sides are slightly shortened without creating any dramatic effect. The long hair can be combed over to any one of the sides or even slicked back depending on the occasion. For a classy twist (pun intended), try giving a slight roll to the front hair when you comb over to one side.

Styling and grooming can make anyone’s personality shine from within. But, if you are looking for something that’ll put you under the spotlight right away, then what is a better way to do this than through a good haircut? So, whether your hair is curly or straight, short or long, we’ve got you all covered. 

There may be many more man haircuts out there, but these are the basics on which most other styles are based on. So, what are you waiting for? Just head to your favorite salon and let the hairstylist work his magic on your hair. Snip, snip!