Redefining the future of our planet. Uplifting our communities


For decades, manufacturing of manganese – among other metal alloys – has notoriously been associated with pollution and a massive carbon footprint. We, at MMCPL, are bent to change that perception – not only for our industrial units, but also in keeping with our ecological responsibility towards our planet.

We’ve researched innovative technologies from our country and beyond, consulted with experts, and have on-boarded disruptive manufacturing infrastructure. This, in turn, that sees to it that producing our range of products comes with the least possible pollution footprint. Our processes follow a strict dictum for maintaining a sustainable and hygienic environment – with minimal waste generation, clean energy sourcing, and lesser collateral damage.

Our systems are gradually, but mindfully adapting with climate-efficient operations, keeping in line with and complying with the latest regulations. With efforts directed towards a cause larger than all of us, we’ve been able to reduce our pollution footprint by almost 80% till date.


Apart from the ecological facet of sustainability, we acknowledge our social responsibility towards the entire community engaged in the end-to-end production and operations at MMCPL. We’ve aimed to contribute conducively to the regional socio-economic development of communities surrounding our head office in Nagpur, and manufacturing units covering the span of Butibori (Maharashtra) and Jhagadia (Gujrat).

Mining and manufacturing have positively contributed to the creation of economic opportunities and contracting, especially surrounding our manufacturing units. They’ve subsequently been exposed to better access to multiple lifestyle amenities including healthcare, transportation, and hygiene, among others. Uplifting the vocational capabilities of the communities, multiple training programs and development initiatives offer a chance for employees to grow laterally and vertically within MMCPL, or equip them at successfully moving forward to their next venture.

In the grand scheme of things MMCPL has placed its community at the forefront of operations.