shoulder length hair for women

Since we have known for the longest period of time, mid-length hair or commonly known as shoulder-length hair has been seen as a growing-out phase that you had to endure until you either chopped off your hair again or grew it out completely. But in recent few years, the shoulder-length haircut, which usually falls between the top of your shoulders area just below your lower collarbone, has risen immensely in popularity with numerous options for hairstylists, thanks to the fact that it truly looks good on everyone, and because it’s so dang versatile.

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re currently in the mid-length phase or looking forward to cut your hair a bit shorter for your convenience, be rest assured. Nor too short nor too long, there are cute and glamorous shoulder length hairstyles for women that fall right at the perfect spot.

If you’re keen on growing out shoulder length hair or thinking about cutting down your long hair,  at this perfect length you’ll be able to achieve numerous multiple stylish looks. There are an infinite cuts and styles you can try with it.

Before styling and trying new haircuts for your shoulder -length hair, you should acknowledge the basics of having the perfect short hair

1. Before you style, you need to get the cut that’s right for you. Straight and simple bangs pair very beautifully with shoulder-length hairstyle, but if you opt for side swept and bang-free cuts they also look very different and great. You can choose and use your own personal preferences while deciding which cut is the best and right for you.

  • While shoulder-length hair might be great on anyone who prefers it, people that tend to have fine-to-medium hair can pull off this look the most effortlessly. For these particular hair types, a simple trimming is all that’s needed to create a stylish shoulder-length cut.
  • People with thicker and curly hair will need to cut their hair in layers to avoid having it wide at the bottom.

2. Doesn’t matter what your hair length is, you should always part your hair while keeping your face shape in mind for the most flattering hairstyles .

  • Side parts are said to be best for square, round and diamond faces.
  • For an individual with a face that is heart-shaped and has shoulder-length hair, a center part can be the most flattering.
  • You need to always remember that any type of part can always flatter a beautiful oval face.

3. Since shoulder-length hair tends to have more body than you find in other hair lengths, it can usually support a greater number of lovely accessories. The style and length is long enough that can hold up a hair tie while being short enough for heavy clips that are not to flatten.

  • Slide on some flashy and elegant hair clips or pins to hold your style together or you can simply decorate your hair with it.
  • When wearing a headband, you can choose to tease out your hair to showcase its volume or flatten it down for a sleek look. Either will work for shoulder-length hair.

4. The most important and the last part to remember is to keep trimming your hair on a regular basis. How you can define “regularly” will totally depend on how fast you have a hair growth. Shoulder-length hair can usually go longer without a trim compared to the shorter styles. However, it should still be cut at least every 4-8 weeks to maintain a neat cut and to avoid breakage.

Fashion’s favourite street stylists are loving a long bob right now and there are plenty of ways to make the shoulder-skimming cut your own. Whether you let your mane flow or twist it into a neat knot, the line between chin-length and long is yours to experiment with.


Stay super cool and try to put your own styling stamp on collarbone-grazing, shoulder-length hair with the ever stylish half-up topknot. This tousled carefree style can be rocked at a party or pulled up for off-duty glam. The messy look is also the perfect running-late hairstyle as it can be created in six quick and easy steps. It’s ideal if you don’t want to commit to a full updo. 


Soften your length with a bouncy blow-dry and pinned-back beauty. Delicate half updos with clipped sections are an easy way to work different short hairstyles into your everyday routine. It’s the perfect look to finish a wedding outfit or to add a feminine touch to your date night style. 


A blunt midi-cut always adds instant cool style to any look. Style it super straight for extra glamour, using any styler. A styler with its ultra-zone technology reduces breakage by 50% and boosts shine by 20% making your look for sassy. Gliding the styler slowly through the hair, from root to tip, ensures every strand is pressed and straightened for a flawless finish. 


This simple and easy-going low bun can be styled up or down and is quite easy to achieve with a beautifully cut shoulder-length hair. It’s feminine, classic and simple to recreate on locks chopped to the shoulders. Ideal for long days in the office, when you want to make an impression, you can also dress this style up with accessories for special occasions. 


For the people out there who have super thick hair, you might be confused and think a deep side part isn’t what you want for your hair. But trust us when we say that you will love the mass of volume and body you get while going heavy with the deep side part. Try it especially when paired with a blunt shoulder-length hairstyle for a more stylish look. A deep side part always goes well with almost every hair texture.

Getting some new shoulder-length hair style ideas can always add a unique spin to your personality and look. Try out tousled top knots, flaunt super-sleek chops and twist your way to midi perfection, there’s a look for every occasion. Why not to add them to your beautiful hairdo looks to shake up your style and truly own the style of shoulder-length hair.