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Quirky Hair Extensions – Fake it if you can’t make it

Top 10 “Fake it if you can’t make it” Ideas

Who doesn’t love celebrity styled hairs that look Insta-worthy ? The trick though not known by many of us is that these droolworthy hairstyles are achieved using hair extensions? They’re the best thing in the tress department which help you like a new you every single day. The right hair extensions are key to instantly glam up any look!

We list down our recommendation of the quirkiest hair extensions out there so that you can run away with the circus some day!

1. Dutch Braids

Quirky Hair Extensions

Dutch braids have been around for centuries and will be so. Why you ask? Because they’re just GOAT! This braided hairstyle works perfectly to amp up any ordinary look. You can easily do it for music festivals because not only is it functional, staying put while you dance during hot, dry, and dusty conditions, it looks stylish and daring. If you find your braids not thick enough, you can always use hair extensions to make those braids thicker and longer.

2. Bubble Pigtails

We love the playful and girly vibe this hairstyle creates. This looks rad with long hair because you’re able to go all-out with the bubbles. However, if you have them chopped off, worry not! This could be the perfect opportunity to use hair extension which will add the exra volume and length needed to make this hairstyle come to life. 

3. Space Buns

Space bun

The 90’s iconic Space buns have made a comeback and how! These cute buns are easy to make and look cute on everyone. Though they might be a bit too extra on regular days, they work perfectly fine for music festivals, day outs or carnivals. You can also put your own spin on this popular look by adjusting the placing or accessorizing it. Borrow some tresses to make nice voluminous buns and you’re sure to stand out!

4. Faux-Locs

Dreads and it’s culture is really fascinating with a long and rich history attached to it. It’s time to make a debut in the world of Faux. They are super versatile, fun and just about anyone can wear them– that’s why faux is really kind of fantastic. You can experiment with dreadlocks and braids of all different styles, textures, lengths, and colors. There are just so many possible variations that you could wear your hair differently every day for a year.

5. Unicorn Hair

Let’s just all agree that life is too short to have black, boring hair. But if all that is stopping you from getting ‘em colored is a tight wallet or probable hair damage, we have your back (or head)! Clip on a quirky set of pastel colored Unicorn hair extensions and style your locks any way you like with that instant volume boost as a bonus.

6. Razor-Cut Bob Weaves

Short-haired beauties aren’t the only ones who can play around with the power bob hairstyles. Ladies with long hair, you’re not excluded! If you wish for your hair to go all short and spunky but feared losing those long waist grazing tresses, here’s the perfect solution for you. Just clip on the razor cut bob weaves and Viola! It’s a new (and temporary) you!

7. Pull-Through Braid


A twist to the plain old braid, this ‘do is functional, keeps your hair off your face while also adding a fun element to your overall look. You can easily achieve this look by making a fishtail braid and then pulling sections of the braid loose. You could also aim for a hippie-chic vibe by adding a few flowers through the braid. Use hair extensions for added length and volume to the braid.

8. Neon Hair

We bring you the secret of forever being the life of the party. Neon all the wayy! Jazz up your mundane locks with vibrant Neon clip-on streaks! Look fab all night, stealing all the attention (and some jealous glances)! Who knew you could get such fancy highlights with zero effort, right?

9. Hair Rings

Tbh, let’s move over flowercrowns– there is so much more to experiment with in the hair accessory department! To spice up your look, try adding hair rings to your braids which give out an edgy and fierce vibe. You’re also free to experiment with more elements like coloured extensions, glitter and flowers to stand out! 

10. Hair Stencils

Who said only tattoos let your body speak? Make a splash by flaunting all those funky colors and art through your hair! Yes, you heard that right. Bring out your creativity and let your hair do all the talking. Use stencils to write, draw, paint or design on your hair. And if you’re scared of the damage or can’t keep up with the lasting time, what are hair extensions for? Rave by the night and work by the day! Perfect hair always!

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