Post-Gym Hair Hacks You Need To Start Using Now


An arduous workout followed by a bad hair day seems like a recipe for disaster to me. When it comes to hitting the gym I feel like there are two sides of me; one side which yearns for a fit body and the other side which wants to avoid having dirty sweaty hair all day. Not only I feel disgusted with my own hair all day but my hair ends up looking unkempt because of the fluffiness. 

So every time I’m having this mental battle of whether I should or should not skip my workout, the lazy side of mine ends up prevailing. Because trust me going out anywhere after the workout requires a lot of effort for my hair and at times is simply not worth it. 

Eventually, I realized that skipping my work out altogether wasn’t the brightest idea I came up with. So I started looking for better alternatives to manage my mane from root to tip. Today I am going to discuss some of these really effective post-workout hair hacks that everyone should definitely know about. 

10 Post-Gym Hair Hacks to boast clean hair throughout the day

1. Don't let the locks open-

One of the easiest ways to prevent sweat from entering your scalp is by not letting your hair down. The best hairstyle for a workout is braids. Don’t opt for a ponytail just because it is going to save you a couple of minutes. Braiding your hair is going to hardly take 5-10 minutes and trust me you’ll be very satisfied with the post-workout hair.

Washing them every day is not the key- while I truly understand that feeling of sweat being accumulated on your scalp, washing them every day is just going to deteriorate your hair. Rather wash your hair alternately this will not only keep your scalp clean but also prevent it from getting dry.

2. Not the gym shampoo-

There is a possibility that you have a very posh gym bathroom but without the relevant supplies. That is why I suggest everyone to carry their own shampoo and conditioner and avoid using the one which is kept in the gym washrooms.  This way you are not trying and testing new things on your hair every other day. 

3. Switch to a mild shampoo-

Since you’ll be washing your hair frequently it’s for the best that you switch to a shampoo which is mild. This way you are protecting your hair from becoming dry and frizzy and yet removing all the dirt and oil.

4. Sweatbands-

Many of us have this goal of looking really chic during our workout but in order to achieve healthy hair, we might have to get rid of this dream. Now I know sweatbands are kind of dowdy but they are really good for absorbing sweat around the hairline throughout the workout. The best sweatbands are thick and soft since the tighter ones can leave a trail of sweat which will make your baby hair unruly

5. Hair Mist-

Sweaty workout means smelly hair. While you might be decked up in a lovely scent after a shower, it is very important for you to keep your hair smelling good. I’ve seen many women use regular perfume on their hair to prevent it from smelling like sweat. However, regular perfumes have a high alcohol content which can be very harmful to your hair. Invest in a hair perfume since it not only it contains an amazing fragrance but also contains vitamins which are essential for good hair.

6. The Correct Hair Tie-

It is very important for you to choose a good quality hair tie since it can minimize pulling and creasing of hair on the scalp. We all know how difficult the sweat creases can be to deal with. And that is why it is better for you to opt for a spiral hair tie. Not only spiral hair ties have a decent grip on them but also can be used on any hair type.

7. Dry Shampoo-

Literally a gift sent from heaven! I cannot emphasize enough on how much a dry shampoo is going to save you during your struggle with post-workout hair. But there’s a catch, the best time to use dry shampoo after a workout is when your hair has completely dried up. Many of us in haste end up using dry shampoo on semi-wet hair which does nothing good but simply cake up the product over the sweat. And that is why you have to dry your hair thoroughly before applying the dry shampoo.

8. Mask it-

While masking the hair is mostly the part of the weekly TLC routine for many of us. I personally felt using a mask before the workout is the best way to control your wild hair. If you apply a mask prior to your workout, then the heat you’ll produce during your workout is going to help the mask penetrate deeper into the roots keeping them intact during the workout and shinier post workout.

9. Detangle with care-

Sweaty hair can create a lot of knots in your hair and that is why it is very important to control your urge of yanking and pulling your hair. We all know that wet hair is weaker than dry hair and that is why it can fall more often. It is very important for you to ditch your regular hair brush and buy a detangling hairbrush to prevent hair fall and make the detangling process less painful.

10. Weekly TLC-

In case you happen to be a gym rat (unlike me) then you must ensure that your hair is getting all the nourishment it needs. Take a couple of minutes out on the weekends to apply tea tree oil on your scalp. Tea tree oil has a lot of benefits and can help you unclog the pores and nourish your roots. Tea tree oil can also boost your hair growth making your hair more voluminous and healthy.  

Pro Tip – don’t use tea tree oil directly on your scalp since it is very potent. It is important for you to dilute the tea tree oil with a carrier oil (almond, jojoba, coconut) for the best results.

With that, I hope most of you are left with no excuse to miss your workout sessions and are ready to hit the gym again.