The journey of our promise – from the start of sourcing, to the finish point of industries served

Our Quality SOURCING

Manmohan Minerals and Chemicals Pvt Ltd has built a strong business and family over the course of over 25 years. Needless to say, we’re privy to and have honed our knowledge of the most resourceful locations for sourcing our Manganese reserves.

Over the course of our existence, we’ve explored and evaluated over hundreds of manganese mines and sorted the mines with the most rich and best-in-class quality manganese. Spanning over four continents, our major mines lie in Indian, South African, Australian, Gabonian, and Brazilian terrains – drawing the most premium raw materials for our specialty products.

We’ve also come to engage the best processing systems and processes for our raw materials. With such elaborate sourcing and processing in place, MMCPL hopes to imprint its presence, along with the country’s, on the map as the leading manufacturer and supplier of manganese compounds.

With our staggering presence in over 70 countries, no customer rejections in the past 10 years stand in our merit.

Our clientele belong to various industries that include animal feed, ceramic, chemical, battery manufacturing, and porcelain insulator manufacturing industries. In addition, we’ve tapped into the good graces of government regulatory agencies with our peerless sense of quality and commitment to excellence, as well as our family of employees.

The teams in our direct coordination include QA teams, management, R&D, and purchase manager teams. In addition, our connections in the major government departments strengthen our patriotic collaboration with the apex teams in India.

With the strategies and infrastructure in place for the manufacture of all possible manganese compounds in the future – and subsequent inclusion in our portfolio, MMCPL seeks to broaden the range of markets it can contribute to with superlative quality and service in our products.