Manganese Oxide Chemical Grade

Another powdered compound, our Chemical Grade Manganese Oxide is primitive in the manufacture of other chemicals. These usually include Manganese Carbonate, certain pesticides and fungicides, and Manganese Sulphate - another chemical MMCPL manufactures.

Unlike its feed grade variant, the chemical grade Manganese Oxide is insoluble both - in water and in acid - as we doctor our procedures to ensure minimal acid soluble Manganese content. In addition to this, we also take unprecedented efforts in regulating the iron and silica content in this compound.

The fine greenish-brown powder, observes a molecular weight of 71 with total Manganese content being 40% +/- 2%. 

Packed in HDPE/PP bags, in different capacities as enumerated further, it needs to be stored in dry and well ventilated areas, with the shelf life being upto 3 years.

While our material doesn’t possess any dioxins or dioxin-like PCSs, and while this particular Manganese Oxide isn’t hazardous, handling needs to be careful and dust formation needs to be prevented since the compounds may cause respiratory, skin, and visual irritation.