Keratin Hair Treatment For Silky And Smooth Hair

Keratin Hair Treatment For Silky And Smooth Hair

keratin hair treatment

Hair has always been a subject of concern for both men and women around the globe. They can make you look chic as well as adorable with a few amazing tricks and changes. These can be done using either accessories or through various hair treatments available in the market.

The salons offer a plethora of hair treatments that can completely transform our look. Keratin hair treatment is one such treatment for the hair available for both men and women. Mostly opted by women, it provides a clean, smooth, frizz-free and straight hair that are easily manageable.

 Having beautiful and healthy hair naturally can be a matter of luck. But are you struggling with dull and dry hair? Does it take so many hours of time to detangle your hair? If yes, and you want to get rid of this problem as soon as possible then keratin hair treatment is the ultimate solution. 

This de-frizzing process, you can easily get rid of these dry, dull and frizzy hair. But first, let us know what exactly is keratin and how is the treatment done.

Keratin? What Exactly is this?

As we all know, hair is completely made up of protein and keratin is one of the major parts of proteins present in our hair. Our hair is built up of keratin-associated protein.

 It makes up to 90% of hair’s protein. Keratin has amino acids present which creates sulfur bridges to make hair stronger and healthier. Keratin acts as an external and internal structural protein to keep hair stronger and healthier.

 As soon as the keratin levels go down in your hair, it automatically turns your hair dry and frizzy. Due to many factors like pollution, dirt and unhealthy lifestyle the keratin in hair gets depleted which may cause adverse effects. And this is the right time when keratin treatment is required.

How does this Keratin Treatment Actually Work?

In simple terms, adding keratin to your hair artificially is what keratin treatment is all about. Keratin hair treatment is very popular among both men and women. 

These keratins contain amino acids that are responsible for straightening the hair and determining the type of hair such as straight, wavy or curly. It also helps in getting a fizz free, smooth and shiny look.

 When keratin is lost in your hair it creates porous spots and due to excessive porous hair, your hair becomes frizzy, dull and damaged. Keratin hair treatments actually fills up those porous stop and the problem of detangling, dull and damaged hair. 

The hairstylist initiates by applying a keratin-based solution to your hair and when keratin goes into your hair follicle, it is sealed in with flat iron. Imagine straight hair structure to be like a ladder. 

A straight and regular ladder, while curly hair structure is spiral, similar to a staircase. The keratin when applied artificially, breaks the bond of curly hair structure and joins them similar to straight hair structure, turning your curly hair into straight hair permanently. 

So, a keratin treatment can basically be defined as a treatment that helps in rebuilding the hair by providing it the protein that is lost.

Pre-Treatment Measures and Tips

Before you head out to get keratin treatment done for yourself, make sure it suits your hair type. There are different hair types present and if keratin treatment suits your best friend, it doesn’t mean it will also suit your hair type. Have a deep knowledge of keratin and its after-effects.

 It is said by some of the leading hair stylists that keratin hair treatment is highly suitable for wavy and curly hair with a frizzy texture. It is better to avoid straight and silky hair for getting keratin hair treatment.

Another important thing that has to be on your to-do list before getting keratin hair treatment done is to consult a hairstylist. This consultation may help you understand better about your hair and if this keratin hair treatment is suitable for your hair type or not. 

Make sure you study the treatment beforehand and have a piece of complete knowledge about it. Also, check the pricing for keratin treatment in various salons as it varies according to your hair type and hair length.

 It usually takes 1 to 2 hours to get keratin hair treatment done according to your hair length. Proper knowledge of keratin hair treatment is very important as half knowledge can be very dangerous for your hair and yourself as well.

How does Keratin Treatment procedure takes place?

Keratin hair treatment is the best treatment for your hair to eliminate frizz and dullness from your hair. But keratin hair treatment has a very long procedure and it takes a lot of time. For an approximate, it takes around three to four hours for keratin treatment to get completely done.

 Usually, this time depends on the hair type, porosity, hair length and thickness. It is always better to pick a day when you are completely free, as it takes a lot of time to get the pre-treatment tips, keratin hair treatment and post-treatment tips done.

 So you have to take a day off from your office, university or go during weekends to salon to get this keratin hair treatment done.Before initiating the treatment, the hairstylist clears all the dust, dirt and residue with a shampoo and cleanses off the scalp plus hair tresses.

Once your hair are free of dirt and dust, it is divided into sections and then blow-dried so that all the moisture from your hair is removed perfectly.Then the hairstylist divides your hair again into different section and applies the keratin solution evenly to all the sections and leave it to dry and absorb for about an hour.

Then comes another round of brow dry. This time the sections are blow-dried separately and left to set for some time more.

Finally, this solution is sealed into the cuticles with the help of a flat iron. And done. The keratin treatment is successfully done. This is how easy keratin hair treatment is. The final result of this treatment is very exciting. It results in smooth shiny and manageable hair. But this effect won’t last more than three months. There are no such side effects discovered in regard to keratin hair treatment. But it contains formaldehyde which is also used in different household products and is not considered safe, and due to which a little skin irritation may be caused. And hence, this treatment must be done by a trained professional hairstylist.  

Post Treatment Tips and Tricks

1. Invest in a very good Dry Shampoo

2. Do Not touch or tie up your hair for over 48 hours after you get the treatment done though your hair becomes more manageable than before.

3. Prioritize Hair Care at all cost

4. Choose a shampoo that doesn’t counteract the treatment, and the best advisable shampoos are the ones that are sulfate-free.

5. Don’t forget to consult your stylist for a proper hair care routine post keratin hair treatment.

Benefits of Keratin Hair Treatment

Let me list out a few benefits of keratin hair treatment which is important for you all to know about before you indulge your hair into this super successful treatment.

  1. Your blow dry times gets less by 50% of the time.
  2. Your hair becomes super frizz-free and shiny even without the need of washing it.
  3. Gives a good volume and improves overall health of hair
  4. There is no such serious side effect observed
  5. Makes hair manageable and super soft.
  6. If your hair is color-treated, it adds up incredible shine.
  7. It strengthens your hair for a longer time.

Now as you know all about keratin hair treatment, booking your next salon trip for getting keratin treatment done and splurging on some bucks on your hairs will be an easy decision for you to make.

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