Who doesn’t love thick, shiny and healthy hair on their head? We all do, right? Our hair is an important part of our personality, which is why we take great pains to maintain them.

 No wonder then that it breaks our heart when we experience hair loss. And any person’s greatest hair nightmare would be baldness. But what causes baldness?

Causes Of Baldness


Your genes are the biggest contributor to baldness. Both men and women can experience baldness due to heredity. It usually starts showing age. 

Men often experience a receding hairline and bald spots. Whereas women might experience it as hair thinning.

Hormonal Changes:

If you are suffering from thyroid hormone dysfunction, then there are high chances that it might be contributing to your baldness. 

Some women might experience excessive hair loss during pregnancy due to hormonal upheavals. However, postpartum hair loss is usually temporary.

Medical History:

In medical conditions such as Alopecia areata, you might experience patchy hair loss. Scalp infections such as ringworm can also cause baldness.


Medications taken for chemotherapy can result in baldness. Other types of medications like those taken for depression, high BP, gout, heart problems, etc., might also cause baldness.

Hair Styles And Treatments: Certain hairstyles that frequently require heating or pulling your hair tight can cause hair loss and thereby result in baldness. 

Excessive experimentation such as hair coloring, straightening, curling, and exposure to heat, dust and various pollutants can also damage the hair shaft and roots. These reasons might aggravate hair loss and can cause baldness too.

Stress And Lifestyle Changes:

Stress is a major contributor to all health issues. And one of its first victims is always hair. Growing age and any of the conditions mentioned above combined with stress can be a death knell for your luscious hair.

 The result – baldness. Also, sudden fad diets or drastic changes in sleep patterns might also aggravate hair loss and baldness.

Is There A Cure For Baldness?

Baldness can bring down a person’s self-confidence to a large extent. Hence, for ages, we’ve all fallen for tall claims made by certain advertisements or therapists of magically reversing baldness.

 However, the fact remains that, even now, scientists are working hard to find the perfect cure for baldness. While success might have been elusive so far, scientists, though, are hopeful.

So, should a person suffering from baldness give up on his/her dream of getting back a head full of healthy hair ever? Not really. There are some treatments and procedures that can help restore a balding person’s crowning glory. One such procedure is hair weaving.

 Most of us may be familiar with the term. However, we might not know what is the meaning of hair weaving. And what about the hair weaving cost? Will it burn a hole in the pocket or is it affordable? Let us discuss this further.

Hair Weaving Meaning

Hair weaving means new hair being added to the area that is affected by baldness. This is done by a procedure that involves weaving the additional hair into a person’s existing natural hair. 

The new hair could be synthetic or natural human hair too. Natural human hair is obtained through donors who donate their hair for this very purpose.

 Some stylists also obtain them from their clients who would have tried a new hair cut and would willingly give away their cut hair. These hair are then cleaned and processed to be sold to clinics that specialize in hair weaving or for making wigs.

Different Techniques Of Hair Weaving

There are different types of hair weaving techniques. Depending on the extent of baldness and the type of hair, the specific type of hair weaving procedure is employed. Here’s a list of the most popular hair weaving techniques:


Bonding is perhaps the most popular type of hair weaving technique. In this technique, the hair on the scalp is first separated into sections. Then, using some hair glue, the weaved hair is glued on the scalp, very close to the natural hair.

 To prevent any chances of damage to the natural hair, the weaved hair is generally removed after a few days. This is a temporary technique of hair weaving with the least amount of damage to the natural hair.


In this technique, the natural hair is braided across the head into several tracks. These can be in the form of concentric circles or cornrows. The concentric circle braids are braided around the head, sewn together, and then the new hair or weaves are sewn horizontally across them.

 As for the cornrows, the natural hair is braided to form tracks. The weaves are then sewn on these tracks. This type of technique requires the deft hands of a trained professional. Thus, the extent or type of tracking required decides the hair weaving cost.

Fusion Technique:

If you need a really natural look, then you should go for the fusion technique. In this method, a machine is used to glue each strand of hair to the scalp which is so good that it becomes difficult to differentiate between the natural hair and the weaves.

 To achieve this, natural hair is first divided into many slender and small sections. Then the heated machine is used to attach new hair to each of the sectioned hair. As the heat can cause potential damage to the scalp, this procedure has to be done extremely carefully. 

It is also a very time-consuming process. Due to the precautions and care involved, the hair weaving cost of this method can be quite expensive. But it gives a natural look and the hair can be washed and styled like natural hair.

However, if you do not wish to try this method due to the fear of damage due to heat, then an alternative method called Cold Fusion, is also available. In this method, a heating mechanism is not required to glue the hair.

Net Weaving Technique:

This technique is a permanent procedure and is specifically a boon to those experiencing baldness or hair thinning. This process requires braiding of the natural hair which is then covered by a thin net. This net then serves as an ideal surface where hair extensions can be weaved. 

To weave the hair extensions, the natural hair is first parted in the middle and a basic cornrow braid is created. Then the hair weaves are added just at the start of the cornrow braid. Again, this process is very delicate and requires professional expertise in order to get great results.

The best part of this technique is that it does not cause any damage to the natural hair shaft or the scalp. Maintaining your newly woven hair is also easy compared to other methods. 

You will be able to wash your hair once a week too provided you dry the hair completely. The net weaving technique can last up to 2 to 3 months, making it worth all the hair weaving cost you would have borne.

So, Is Hair Weaving A Cure To Baldness?

Like mentioned earlier, there is no true cure for baldness. But yes, hair weaving does come close to it. Quite a few celebrities from Hollywood and Television have undergone hair weaving with excellent results. Some have also been able to reclaim their lost glory after their personalities underwent a drastic change following the hair weaving procedure.

 Earlier, not many would want to go for hair weaving due to a lack of awareness about the procedures involved. However, with the current spurt in trained hair weaving professionals and clinics, and the availability of information at the touch of a button, the present scenario seems to be different. 

Over the years, the new and improved techniques involved in hair weaving have given it a new meaning altogether. 

Earlier, hair weaving was considered a prerogative of only the rich and famous, but it has now become accessible to the common man too. With each successful case, it seems like hair weaving is slowly but surely finding huge patronage. And why not?

 Considering the amazing results that it gives, it deserves at least one shot. Not only can hair weaving be done to add volume to thin hair, but it can also help cover those embarrassing bald patches.

So, while scientists lose their hair (pun intended) over finding the perfect cure for baldness, hair weaving can be considered as the proverbial ‘silver lining’ for those suffering from baldness. We do hope that scientists achieve success someday. Until then, considering hair weaving is not a bad idea.

 Because, not only does it restore a person’s lost hair, but it can also redeem their lost self-confidence. And for a reward as precious as this, no amount of hair weaving cost will be a cause of concern. So, if you too are suffering from baldness and hair thinning, you might want to give hair weaving a shot. 

Make sure you find the right clinic for getting hair weaving done. To find one, check the credentials of the professionals involved, their success rate, and client reviews or testimonials. Make an informed choice before going ahead with your decision to get hair weaving done!