beach waves at home

Beach waves have been always a go-to celebrity style. The hairstyle looks great on real women too, since the effortless hairstyle flatters all face shapes, hair types, and ages. The key to making great waves is using the right products and tools, application tips, and styling tricks from some of our favorite styling pros and experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab.

Bonus: Each one of these beach wave tutorials takes less than 10 minutes, some as little as 2. Double bonus: Some don’t even require a curling iron or hair straightener.

Whether your tool of choice is a curling iron, flat iron, or simply a headband, you can easily achieve a cool, undone style that’ll make you look like you still have sand in your shoes even if you really spent all day at your desk.

The best part?

Nowadays it has become quite easier than ever to achieve styles, even beach waves of your choice. They look good for natural hair and the shortest of bobs too. Not only do these helpful tips take the guesswork out of the styling of your hair, but some of them don’t even require hot tools, which means you can master the effortless and simple style while giving your hair a much-needed break from all the heat and styling equipment.

But if you still think that the idea of mastering those loose curls or waves sounds more than a little confusing, then rest assured that these below mentioned smart tips make it very simple to pull off the popular beach wave summer look all year long with no beach trip required.

1. Curling Wand and Ponytail

A key feature of beach waves is that they begin about halfway down your hair, around ear level.

A genius shortcut: pulling hair into a ponytail and curling just the tied section with a curling wand try Good Housekeeping Beauty Breakthrough Award winner Hot Tools Professional Curl bar.

This makes it easier to keep track of which pieces you’ve curled versus those you haven’t when your strands are gathered in one place. Before using any curling or flat iron, it is suggestable to apply a heat protectant spray to shield strands from damage.

2. Air Dry

If you’re all about that low-maintenance hair routine, you’re probably no stranger to the good, old air dry. And it works to make waves, too: With a few strategically placed buns two at the nape of your neck, you can air-dry your way to a ‘California girl look’.

Just twist hair into two knots, secure them in place with pins, then wait it out until they’re dry. That’s it! To boost the bends, before you start forming the buns, apply a styling product that is made to enhance the air-dried strands of your hair while it is still damp.

3. Flat Iron and Twist

If you can’t get enough of your flat iron, here’s yet another reason to love it: It can also be used to make waves! The fastest technique of all, it requires only a few minutes, some sea salt spray, and a hair straightener. Just part your hair in half, form two twists, then carefully flat-iron them to get pretty bends in no time.

4. Small Barrel Curler

You’ve probably always thought that if you ever want any tight small curls, you should start to use a skinnier curling iron, and if you want large, looser waves, you should use a large barrel curler, right? if you break your hair into large sections and use a small barrel curling iron you can quickly and efficiently curl all of your hair into voluminous waves.

5. Curling Iron

Getting beach waves on short hair can be trickier than with long hair. Still, this very easy beach wave tip is simple to follow and take less than 10 to 15 minutes, before it proves to be making a perfect option for any time or day of the week. Set your style by using a curling iron so it lasts and stays frizz-free by misting a medium- to strong-hold hairspray all over, holding the can about six inches away from your head for a light application. 

6. Flat Iron

As with the first tutorial on this list, this wave styling trick incorporates a flat iron into the mix rather than a curling iron. If you have thick, long hair, this method might take longer than the others, but your flawless waves will be totally worth it. The secret is to make sure your flat iron is facing down to the floor rather than horizontally. For even more shine, mist dry hair with a shine-enhancing finishing sprays as the last step.

Procedure to Get Heatless Beach Waves 

Exposing your hair to heat especially consistently and at a high temperature causes breakage, dryness, and is overall extremely damaging. While applying a heat protectant prior to styling can help reduce the effects of hot tools, your hair is still at risk.

In fact, each time when you wrap your hair around that heating curling wand or try twisting it around some hot rollers, you’re spontaneously zapping out the moisture of your hair. So why not try some beach waves without using a heat equipment to torture your hairs.

  • Before you start, you need to visit a craft store and get a hold of some pipe cleaners. Yes, you heard me right, pipe cleaners are an unbelievable magic tool when it comes to achieving heatless beach waves.


  • To get your desired beach waves, grab a bunch of pipe cleaners, twisting the tops and bottoms together ensuring they are all lined up closely so they resemble the barrel of a curling wand. 

Now for the steps to follow –

Step 1: Working with fairly large sections of hair, grab a chunk from the back and spray it with water until it is damp. Then wrap the hair around the makeshift barrel, locking it into place by folding the pipe cleaners around the hair at the top, middle, and bottom. 

Step 2: Repeat the process all over your head and then give the style some time to set while you do your makeup or eat breakfast. Alternatively, allow your hair to set while you sleep and wake up with gorgeous, beach waves.

Step 3: Make sure the hair is completely dry before taking out the makeshift barrels. Remove the pipes and run your fingers through your now beach waves. You can also try adding a touch of your regular products and ta-daa! Beach Waves perfection.

Perfect beach waves can be a timeless summer trend but it isn’t compulsory that you need to be on a tropical beach getaway to embrace them. There are many ways to create effortless textured locks at-home whatever the weather is.

There are two ways to create beach goddess vibes, one takes a bit more heat, styling, the whole shebang the other is wonderfully low-maintenance. The former will give you a slightly sleeker finish, the latter is more relaxed.