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Top 5 Hair Masks For Salon Like Hair

5 Deep Conditioning Hair Masks

Top 5 hair masks

Hair enhances the beauty of a person and the first thing you notice in a person is their hair after of course their shoes. It can give feedback about you as we know hairs are a mirror to our health, what goes on inside our bodies is directly reflected on our hairs.

Do you really want people to get a bad impression of you because of your dull and frizzy hair? If not, then taking proper care of your hair is very important. It plays a vital role in beautifying a person, may it be a male or a female. But this is more relevant and truthful for females all around the globe, and so, maintaining beautiful and healthy hair for a good impression is very necessary.

When you take good care of your hair and Nourish it well every time, it automatically becomes shiny and beautiful. Healthy hair refers to hair with no frizz and split ends with no regular hair fall. Although some of our hair tends to fall every day which is a natural phenomenon. But what are the necessary steps to be taken to maintain healthy and shiny hair

People go with celebrity showcased shampoos and conditioners for taking good care, but that is not enough. There are some products with natural ingredients and a lot of products like hair sprays, hair toners, hair serums, hair masks, hair oils present in the market these days. But hair masks can give your hair it’s the best version with regular use.

Hair Masks acts like Magic Potion for your Hairs

Frizzy and dull hair is no girl’s favorite. But what do we do to get smooth silky and shiny hair back? Yes, you got it right. Here comes hair mask to your rescue.

Hair masks are excellent and usually the most all in one solution for most of our hair woes. Hair masks have been gaining more popularity with time for the commendable results they provide to the hair. Hair masks are usually cream textured products which have the ability to deep condition your hair from its roots and provide required nourishment to the roots.

It can help in healing the damaged hair caused by extra use of straightening irons, styling, and different elements by providing enough hydration. The hair masks that focus primarily on providing deep conditioning are rich in various essential oils and are more concentrated than regular conditioners we use, which results in absolutely deep conditioned hair free of frizz at the end of its use.

There are different types of hair masks available in the market with varying instructions to use and for various hair concerns. Some masks are required to be applied for a few hours while the market is even flooded with overnight hair masks. Hair masks can be selected based on our hair texture and our requirements.

We can go for a hair mask with an organic, natural ingredient list whereas chemical based hair masks too are an available option. Hair masks with natural ingredients such as olive oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, and avocado can provide our hair with the required nourishment and possess lowered risk of chemical damage.

A Perfect Source of Nourishment

Hair masks are the trendiest and effective hair product used by youths and teens plus mid-aged group people and more specifically females. But how do these hair masks ensure we get healthy hair? Here are the answers to some most common doubts we tend to have about hair masks. Hair masks usually provide quick good results.

It has a great aftermath effect on hair containing magical potions in them and thus are very potent in their work. One of the most effective ways to get shiny and gorgeous looking hair just before the party is using a hair mask as it gives amazing results within a few hours.

Deep conditioning hair masks provide instant softening and hydration to hair. They have deep conditioning properties, more than the regular conditioners. Well moisturized scalp adds up to the growth of hair,  it promotes shine and can also help in fighting with unwanted infections caused in hair and scalp. Expensive keratin hair treatments and other kinds of salon treatment should not be preferred over hair masks for a short term result. However, these results can last long with regular use. But when you choose a hair mask for your hair type, make sure you pick up a hair mask with more natural ingredients in them.

Here’s the right way to use Hair Masks

For the right nourishment for your hair from scalp roots to the ends of hair, proper application of hair mask is very important. A hair mask is not something which has to be used once in a blue moon, it is something which has to be a part of your weekly or a monthly hair care routine.

Steps to be followed to get the right nourishment using Hair Masks

1. The first step is the application of a hair mask, spreading it evenly throughout the hair from its roots to the end of the hair strands.

2. Gently massage this hair mask throughout your hair with light circular motions of our fingers.

3. Cover our hair with a damp towel, so there is no interaction with the outer atmosphere. It creates direct contact with the scalp which helps in proper conditioning and nourishment of hair.

4. Leave the mask on your hair with a towel on for about an hour or overnight as mentioned on the pack of the hair mask. Rinse it off with cold water and remove the hair mask thoroughly to avoid any infections.

Pro Tip: Use a hair mask at least once a month for good results.

Top 5 Amazing Hair Masks

A proper hair mask has to be used as per the requirements according to particular hair type and ingredient list. There are a lot of hair masks available in the market but very fewer hair masks tend to deliver promised results  to the hair. Here is the list of five best hair masks you can use to get good and long-lasting results.

1. L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Masque

Mythic hair oil

This product by L’Oreal has shown it’s worth in the market. Does exactly what it says. This is a product from the mythic oil range which has done wonders for its customers. Mythic oil is best for dull and dry hair and this product is very good for dry hair. This is a luxurious treatment for your hair indeed. It leaves your hair nourished, refreshed, glossy and smooth to touch. It makes your hair lustrous and shiny. But it will not give instant results to very damaged hair. It works like a blessing for normal and slightly damaged hair. The effect of this hair mask lasts for a few days and is worth every penny. The best part about this hair mask is, it has the goodness of argan oil and cottonseed oil, which are rich in vitamin E, omega 3 and provide much needed nutrients to the hair. It retails for $ 37.50 for 6.7 fl. oz in the USA,

£ 17.99 for 200 ml in the UK and

₹ 840.00 for 200 ml in India.

2. Expert Serie Volume Expand Masque by L’Oreal

L'OREAL hair volume

This is another wonder hair mask by L’Oreal. It too delivers its promises. It is different from the other mask as it tends to give the volume boost to our hair which will definitely last for a good amount of time. When there is a good volume and strength in the hair, hair becomes bouncier, this hair mask also gives the needed shine to the hair. If you have hair that don’t look voluminous and lies flat on your head and face, then this mask would be perfect for your hair type. It comes in a green bottle, green is usually denoted as any volume giving the product in the L’Oreal range of products. It gives proper shine, nourishment and volume to the hair. It makes hair very soft to touch and has attractive packaging. The effect of this hair mask lasts for up to two days. But if you have extremely dry hair, please don’t go for this product. It also has herbal fragrance, so if you are allergic to fragrance then this isn’t made for you. It retails for about ₹ 600 for 200 ml tub in India.

3. Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Q10 Time Restore Treatment

Schwarzkopf Hair product

Do you have damaged hair? Does no product work for you? Then this is the perfect hair mask for your hair type. If this hair mask if used regularly, it can turn damaged hair into beautiful and lustrous hair. It gives a bouncy and healthy effect on its first use. It also helps in volumizing hair to an extent. At times it can act as a magic potion for frizzy and damaged hair. But the only con with this hair mask is, it doesn’t have a single natural ingredient in its list. But this doesn’t mean it is a bad hair mask. Its effects stay for a longer time and it doesn’t weigh down your hair. It will last for months with regular use. So, it is overall a very good investment for your hair care. It retails for about ₹ 900 for 200 ml tub in India.

4. Organix Org Luxury Moroccan Argan Creme Sheer Opulence Masque

face cream

It is a very good hair mask in terms of results. Its results may vary on the type of hair one has. But it will definitely not disappoint any hair type in terms of its results. It is the best hair mask to use just before an event to get the perfect hairdo you have been dreaming of. Its packaging is a sleek golden tube with the squeezing nozzle. It gives a luxurious effect from its packaging and creamy texture of the hair mask. It tends to take away frizziness from the hair and provides soft and shiny hair. In its ingredients list, it has hydrolyzed keratin, Argan oil, coconut oil which are said to be very good for deep conditioning of hair. It conditions hair from its roots which eventually makes the hair straight. It retails for ₹ 720 for 200 ml tube in India.

5. Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Masque

Hair mask

If you are a regular user of hair straightening and styling, then you must have experienced a very bad downfall in the growth of your hair. But don’t worry, this product comes as a magic potion for damaged hair. It deeply nourishes the damaged hair and tries to get it to its normal form. It also constricts the frizz problem in the hair. The serum infused in this hair mask is rich in nutrients that are beneficial for the growth of hair. You can notice the changes in your hair from the first use itself. Also, it is very cost-effective, which makes it the perfect hair mask in your budget. This is easily available in any market and also it has a good quantity for proper use. It has a very easy application as other hair masks. It makes hair soft and manageable. It retails for ₹ 490 for 490 gm of a tub in India.

So, these were some of the best hair masks for all types of hair conditions and damages. Let your hair loose because they have got a perfect partner in the form of these incredible hair masks.

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