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If you are someone who likes to keep facial hair at bay, then I guess you must be well aware of the never-ending merry-go-round between waxing and epilating. However, if you are someone who is having a difficult time in deciding how exactly you want to get rid of your lady stubble then facial hair removal creams are the best option to avoid any torture.

However, is facial hair removal cream the best alternative out there? 

Facial hair removal creams aka depilatory creams can be found in the nooks and corner of any departmental store. However, before diving in for a hair-free experience, you must weigh down the pros and cons before choosing the best option for you. 

Benefits of Depilatory Creams


1. Not a torture chamber –

we’ve often heard the saying ‘no pain no gain’ but trust me it’s redundant when it comes to hair removal creams. If you are someone who gets a shiver down the spine when you think of the painful process of hair removing then depilatory creams are your best bid.

2. Nothing complicated –

Waxing and shaving have a lot of rules; you cannot pull too hard, you must remove against the growth, you must not be sweaty, and as compared to these complicated rules hair removal creams look like a cakewalk.

You don’t have to worry much about the process except just the time it stays on your skin.

3. Your Go-To Product –

If you are someone who struggles with time management and don’t seem to have a lot of time in hand; then the best way out is depilatory creams.

You no longer have to worry about booking a prior appointment at the nearest salon or about getting changing the razor blades.

4. Lasts longer than shaving –

Remember that pesky hair that keeps poking your face? Well, you no longer have to worry about it if you opt for a hair removing cream.

Many women try to take the road less traveled by shaving to avoid pain. But hair grows faster once you shave that.

And that is why depilatory creams look like a better option if you want the results to last longer. Moreover, it is a sure-shot way to avoid razor bumps on your sensitive skin.

5. Affordable –

Even if a particular brand doesn’t suit you; you can always switch it without worrying about the price. Most of the creams range between $3-$15. So depending upon the money you want to shell out you can get a good cream for a pretty decent price.

This is way more affordable than changing blades after every other use or booking appointments at the parlor.
Smooth finish- the outcome of hair removing cream is way more satisfying than shaving. It gives a tough competition to waxing as well.

Depilatory creams ensure a silky finish on the skin since it removes the hair from below the surface, unlike shaving which includes removing it from the surface only.
A plethora to choose from- there are so many brands to choose from.

You don’t have to worry about any component not suiting your skin since you can always find a better option. With the increase in demands for the hair removing creams, there are so many options at your disposal.

Choosing the perfect cream for your skin can be a mammoth task and if not done carefully then can also lead to repercussions. I’m going to list some really affordable depilatory creams below which you can opt for.

These creams happened to work fine for me but try to use my list for a rough idea and choose what would suit your skin the most.

The Best Facial Removal Creams - Our Picks

1.  Olay facial hair removal duo $15

2. Sally Hansen cream hair removal $6.99

3. Nair hair removal face cream $3.68

4. Gigi hair removal cream $9.77

Pro tip– always do the patch test. Before applying the cream on your face, it’s always recommended to use it on your arm. If you feel a tingling or burning sensation, then you are allergic to the cream. This saves you from the risk of exposing your skin to harmful chemicals.