Tell me a girl who doesn’t love fashion? We girls love fashion and styling ourselves to the next level. And I wouldn’t be shocked anytime if newbie moms just get their daughters ready for ultimate fashion and styling. Little kids look cute by their hairstyling and cute accessories plus hairstyles. Every mom in this world loves to deck up and style their little daughters. These dressed-up little cuties sometimes give us major cuteness goals. There are a number of hairstyles that are sorted for little muchkins. But before we jump on to hairstyles for kids, let me tell you little tips to style hair for our little munchkins.

Tips to Style Hair for your Little Munchkin

1. Go with Natural Hair Products

Never go for using any harsh chemical-based hair products for your kids as their scalp and skin are still delicate and at a very immature stage. Try replacing every product which contains harsh chemicals. Find an alternative for everything, and go for natural and home-based products as long and soon as possible.

2. Avoid using heat-based hair products

Do not use any heat-based hair styling product for kids until and unless it is very important and make sure to use a brand that does not cause harm to your kid while in usage. It is better to keep your kids away from any styling method, but it can be considered for less usage. 

3. The ingredients of the product should be kid-friendly

Always check the label and ingredients of hair based products you use, before styling or using it directly. Make sure these products are kid-friendly and not for your little doll. Many of the brands have come up with various kid-friendly techniques. Just give a little attention to these brands.

4. Choose products that are soft & can’t cause harm

No matter what you use, may it be a hair comb or a hairbrush, just make sure these don’t come with harsh brittle. Use a soft hairbrush or a hair comb for your little child to prevent any breakage and hair loss problem in your child’s beautiful and thick hair. Try various brands and come to a conclusion for your child’s benefit.

5. Begin with Shampooing the hair

The first and foremost thing before doing a proper hairstyle for your girl is to shampoo their hair and blow-dry it. In this way it gets detangled and also it increases the volume and density of their hair. And this will also ensure that their hair is set for a longer time

We have now seen some of the main and important tips and tricks to ensure that the hairdo is styled perfectly and also doesn’t damage the hair of your little munchkin. It is easily understandable that moms go through a great stress of styling their little child.

But what if they find some cute things which will not only give their hair a beautiful look but also don’t creates a mess of detangled hair, as kids’ hair is more prone to detangling, unlike adult hair. Let us look at some of the cute hair accessories for your children which will enhance the beauty of hairdos and give them a different charm altogether. 

Recommended Hair Accessories for your Baby Girl

1. Mimi and Lula Superstar Salon Clips: £7 For Three, Mimi And Lula

These are a kind of metallic stars that are designed in a very efficient manner hiding the salon clip that is used to hold the hair firmly. It gives an effect of metallic stars floating on hair. And when three different colors are worn, it gives your child a look of a constellation. Isn’t that amazing? Though these clips look like they can get damaged or fall at any point but do not underestimate these beautiful clips. But it has a very good staying back capacity and doesn’t even move an inch from its place. These clips are definitely made for your cute little girl.

2. Claire's mermazing braid hair tool: £3.60, Claire’s

Since my childhood I’ve been a fan of mermaid style hair braid, aren’t they too beautiful and tempting. And who doesn’t love these lovely and perfectly styled braids? But the problem with the hairstyle is that it is very difficult to get it perfectly styled. It needs a lot of intricate work and this hairstyle is definitely for kids who are willing to stay at a place and get it done. But this tool comes to the rescue, it can give you the perfect mermaid styled hair, if your child has a little patience and interest. Get yourself buying this cute hair tool for your kid.

3. JoJo Maman Bebe flower clips: £4 for three, JoJo Maman Bebe

These are the ultimate flower clips any girl would love to style. These have very intricate work done on them which comes with a glitter edition as well. We are pretty sure, your girl would love to wear these cute flowers on their hair. It does a pretty good job of holding hair for a longer time, as it comes with crocodile pins underneath the flower. It usually takes four hours for these clips to move a little. These crocodile pins just poke out of the flower. Else, everything is good. Just buy them for your little child and make them feel special.

4. Mori headband: £8.50, Mori

Headbands are the cutest thing when selecting hair accessories for your children.  Headbands create a very subtle and cute look for your child. This hairband comprises 30 percent of organic cotton and 70 percent of viscose cotton. This headband is very popular among kid accessories and has high success rates. It is really very soft and comes in a range of very cold and cute colors. And it is also very stretchy, so no matter if your child grows older, it will still be helpful. It does a great job of holding your child’s hair back, this is what its purpose is.

5. Rockahula Kids pollyanna long velvet bow ponies: £5, Rockahula Kids

These are the cutest hairbands with bows and velvet strips. It may take time to get used to these cute hairbands for your kids. For the first time, it looks a little awkward to wear it for the first time as it can be a little difficult to put the bow in the right position and keeping the velvet strips at the back of the ponytail. It tends to stay as long as possible and after a vigorous playing of the child, it may move a little. This is a very cute and useful headband for all the little munchkins and this brand manufactures a lot of hair accessories for kids.

Now let us look at some of the most cutest hairdos to style your little munchkin like a princess.

1. Micro Braided Half Tie

(image source:

This is indeed the cutest hairdo for your princess if she has long and silky hair. In this hairdo, two micro braids from two different side ends of hair come together and form a half tie in the middle. This looks very pretty and can be taken into consideration for birthday parties or any day time parties. This hairdo looks phenomenal when paired with a white dress or a frock. Things needed to make this hairdo are very easily available such as hair elastic, decorative hair elastic, fine comb, curling rollers, and olive oil. This hairdo will definitely make your little princess look adorable as ever.

2. Conch Braid With Ribbons

(image source:

This hairdo is for girls who are obsessed with flowers! Yes, it is a flower hairdo and will look magical on your little princess. It is also known as a flower girl hairdo and it is very easy plus mess-free. You don’t have to struggle with this hairstyle, it is simple and hassle-free. Decorating it with colored ribbons will add more glam effect to this hairdo. This hairdo is perfect for outings and especially in summers. All you need to make this hairstyle are ribbons, decorative U pins, fine comb and bobby pins. This hairstyle is something that adds up to the charm of your little beauty

3. Wispy Curly Bob

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This curly look is a simple, hassle-free, mess-free and adorable hairdo. It is bob cut with beautiful curls and amazing tresses. This is suitable for short and silky haired girls. These curls will definitely enhance the cuteness of your girl’s cherubic face. Pair this hairdo with a light-colored summer style dress and nothing can stop your girl from slaying extraordinarily. This hairdo is very simple and needs only three things curling roller, paddle brush, and olive oil. It is easy, to get this done just by applying olive oil and using a curling roller. Once you feel hair is curled, just brush it up your little munchkin is done.

4. Dense Cornrow With Ponytail

(image source:

If your girl’s hair is voluminous dense and richly textured it can be styled in various ways and one of the best hairdos is dense cornrow with a ponytail. It works great if she has dense hair. It can be styled into cornrows for an offbeat hairstyle! This requires a lot of patience and is also considered to be a preppy and fun hairdo. Your girl will definitely own a style statement after this hairdo. Your little girl will probably slay in this beautiful hairdo, but all you require to make this hairstyle is olive oil, rat tail comb, wax styling gel for kids, small and big hair elastics and a fine comb.

5. Loose Waves With Headband

Image source:

This is the perfect hairdo when you are not in a mood for a mess. It is a very simple and hassle-free hairdo. And absolutely perfect for your little doll to look absolutely adorable. Just get your girl ready for any birthday parties and get-togethers with this loose wavy hair and a big floral headband. It is simpler than it looks. All you require to make this hairstyle are curling rollers, olive oil, soft paddle brush, and a floral headband. Let your girl rock with this amazing hairdo by pairing it up with a floral light-colored frock or a dress.