Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls

Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls
Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls

Having a great hairstyle that looks gorgeous and is easy to maintain is any girl’s fantasy. And if you happen to have a specific texture of hair – say Afro-fizz, curly, or wavy hair, then braids are your best bet. They are easy to maintain, can be worn in a variety of ways, and look good on any outfit. Since most black girls have this texture of hair, they can easily carry off this look. What’s more? Braids have made a huge comeback on the fashion scene. We’ve found a lot of interesting braid ideas on the ramp walks this season. So, here are some sensational yet simple braided hairstyles for black girls.

1. The Boxer Braids

Yes, the ever-so-popular Boxer Braids are our go-to braid hairstyle when it comes styling black hair. If you are a beginner and love to go with a stylish braid, then boxer braids are a must-try. Here’s how to do them:

Step 1: Part your hair into two parts right from the middle. Clutch one bunch of the hair with a clip.

Step 2: Start by braiding your hair from one side. Begin from the forehead where your hairline starts. The closer to the forehead hairline, the sleeker it looks.

Step 3: Braid your hair, as usual, all the way back until you reach the ends. Leave a few open strands and fasten your braids with a thin rubber band.

Step 4: Repeat the same process on the other side as well. There, you’re done!

2. The Feed-In Cornrow Braids

You’ll need some hair extensions to create this hairstyle. Using hair extensions of a different color other than your natural hair color is recommended. And the longer they are, the better. This hairstyle looks quite cool and funky all at once. Before you start working on this hairstyle, make sure you open, sort, and keep the hair extensions ready in front of you. Thereafter, you can go about it this way:

Step 1: Create multiple small sections (about an inch) in your hair and clip each of them separately. Pick the section you wish to braid first. Start from the front by getting 3 sections of the tuft of hair in your fingers.

Step 2: Get at least 3 to 4 stitches before adding your hair extensions. One stitch is when you place one section in your fingers over the other, followed by the third. Create four cornrow stitches before you begin to add the extensions.

Step 3: At your fourth stitch, you’ll be able to feel at least one section of hair which will be shorter or thinner than the rest of the 2. Get this section into the middle and place your hair extension on it. Wind this extension around your natural hair and then start braiding the other sections into it.

Step 4: Keep adding extensions to the remaining sections as you go further. Upon reaching the end of your scalp, extend the cornrow into a full-fledged plait. Finally, leave a few open strands at the end and fasten it with a fine rubber band. Repeat the steps for the remaining partitions of the hair.

Twirl once you’ve completed this hairstyle. You’re going to love it.

3. Braided Cornrow Ponytails

The bad-hair-day saver for all types of hair – the ponytail – can easily be adapted to cornrow braids as well. It is simple and looks stylish too. Here’s how you can get it:

Step 1: Divide your front hair into as many sections as you want. Start braiding the hair in cornrows only up to the point where you wish to put your ponytail up. If you have short hair, you can use hair extensions.

Step 2: Once your cornrow reaches the middle part of your head, don’t use the scalp hair to extend it anymore. Instead, pull the hair up and complete the plait with the remaining hair. Fasten with a rubber band. Repeat the process with the remaining sections of hair at the front with each one starting with a cornrow and then turning into a plait midway until the end.

Step 3: As the number of cornrow braids increases at the front, hold all the plaits with a big clip or a hair clutch on one side.

Step 4: Once all the cornrow braids are done at the front, flip the braids over. Section the back hair in similar rows. Create cornrow braids in the opposite direction, starting from down and extending upward until the middle point where the previous cornrows were extended into braids.

Step 5: When you are done with all the cornrow braids from the lower side of the head as well, gather all of them at the midpoint. Now, use a large rubber band to fasten all the braids together in a ponytail. You can also wind one of the braids around the rubber band and pin it with a bobby pin to give it a natural fancy look.

Who says ponytails are only for bad hair days!

4. The Snake Braids

This is a simple cornrow hairstyle but with a twist, quite literally. This hairstyle looks quite attractive and snazzy. But it’s surprisingly simple to do if you are used to keeping your hair in cornrows. Here’s how:

Step 1: Creating the right type of sections is important for this hairstyle. Instead of sectioning your hair straight in the usual manner, they need to be sectioned in a curvy or wavy way, just like a snake.

Step 2: Once the wavy sectioning is done, start creating rows of tight cornrows. Start from the front hairline, work around your scalp, and wind the braid down to the other side.

Step 3: Finish all the cornrow braids and bring all of them on one side. Fasten with a rubber band.

You can also add golden beads or embellishments to give it a stylish look.

5. The Ghana Braid Bun

If you are looking for a classy and professional look which is easy to create, then what better than a classic bun. But, combining a braid and a bun? Surprised? Well, then don’t be because it is very much possible with amazing results. You can achieve the look this way:

Step 1: Create two neat sections of your hair. Hold one section in place with a big clip or clutch.

Step 2: Start cornrow braiding on one side from the front hairline. Begin from the point where your partition starts, take it around the edges of your head, behind the ears, and end it somewhere in the middle at the back. Braid the remaining hair into a plait and fasten with a rubber band. Let it hang in for a while.

Step 3: Now, start cornrow braiding on the other side of your head as well. Bring the cornrow braid behind to the same point where the first one ended.

Step 4: To create the bun, take the second braid and wind it around the first braid at the base of your neck. Hold it in place with bobby pins. Now, take the first braid which is at the center of the bun and wind it around the periphery of the bun created by the second braid. Fasten the ends with a bobby pin.

If you have short hair, you can still create this style. Simply add extensions to your hair while creating the cornrows.

6. Thick And Thin Feed-In Ghana Braids

Another simple braided look with a stylish twist just like the snake braid. They look amazing as a standalone style, but can also be enhanced with embellishments or colored extensions. Here’s how you can get this look:

Step 1: Divide your hair into alternate thick and thin sections. The thin sections should not be more than a centimeter. The thick ones can be up to 1.5 to 2 inches.

Step 2: Create a common starting point for all your cornrow braids. For instance, they can start from either of the temples or right from the middle of your hair. However, starting at the sides will give you an edgy look.

Step 3: Suppose you are starting from the right temple. Create wavy sections starting from the right temple and ending at the base of the opposite side, preferably a little below the left ear lobe. Clip all the sections separately.

Step 4: Now begin with either a thin or a thick cornrow from one end and go up to the base of the ear lobe on the opposite side. From here, braid the remaining hair into a plait. Keep creating alternating thick and thin braids.

Step 5: As the number of plaits increase, use a bigger clip to hold them on the side. Once the last braid is plaited, hold all of them together like a side ponytail. Wind it with a shiny rubber band. You can also go with a floral one for a summery feel.

You can add tiny trinkets like stars or golden pins inside the braid stitches. You can use colored hair extensions in various ways for this hairstyle. Use a specific hair color extension for the thick braids and leave the alternating thin braids as it is to give a stylish edge to this hairstyle.

There are many other ways to braid your black hair. However, these basic and simple ones act as a foundation hairstyle on which you can create further styles. Hairstyles like braided hair high bun or twisted braid updo are some of the examples. You can also tie your braided ponytail in various ways and directions to give a twist to simple braided hairstyles.

Using colorful hair extensions, embellishments, and various tiny clips in your braids will give an edge to these hairstyles. But no matter how you choose to wear your braids, we are sure you’ll rock them anyway!

How To Get Beach Waves At Home Tutorial

beach waves at home
beach waves at home

Beach waves have been always a go-to celebrity style. The hairstyle looks great on real women too, since the effortless hairstyle flatters all face shapes, hair types, and ages. The key to making great waves is using the right products and tools, application tips, and styling tricks from some of our favorite styling pros and experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab.

Bonus: Each one of these beach wave tutorials takes less than 10 minutes, some as little as 2. Double bonus: Some don’t even require a curling iron or hair straightener.

Whether your tool of choice is a curling iron, flat iron, or simply a headband, you can easily achieve a cool, undone style that’ll make you look like you still have sand in your shoes even if you really spent all day at your desk.

The best part?

Nowadays it has become quite easier than ever to achieve styles, even beach waves of your choice. They look good for natural hair and the shortest of bobs too. Not only do these helpful tips take the guesswork out of the styling of your hair, but some of them don’t even require hot tools, which means you can master the effortless and simple style while giving your hair a much-needed break from all the heat and styling equipment.

But if you still think that the idea of mastering those loose curls or waves sounds more than a little confusing, then rest assured that these below mentioned smart tips make it very simple to pull off the popular beach wave summer look all year long with no beach trip required.

1. Curling Wand and Ponytail

A key feature of beach waves is that they begin about halfway down your hair, around ear level.

A genius shortcut: pulling hair into a ponytail and curling just the tied section with a curling wand try Good Housekeeping Beauty Breakthrough Award winner Hot Tools Professional Curl bar.

This makes it easier to keep track of which pieces you’ve curled versus those you haven’t when your strands are gathered in one place. Before using any curling or flat iron, it is suggestable to apply a heat protectant spray to shield strands from damage.

2. Air Dry

If you’re all about that low-maintenance hair routine, you’re probably no stranger to the good, old air dry. And it works to make waves, too: With a few strategically placed buns two at the nape of your neck, you can air-dry your way to a ‘California girl look’.

Just twist hair into two knots, secure them in place with pins, then wait it out until they’re dry. That’s it! To boost the bends, before you start forming the buns, apply a styling product that is made to enhance the air-dried strands of your hair while it is still damp.

3. Flat Iron and Twist

If you can’t get enough of your flat iron, here’s yet another reason to love it: It can also be used to make waves! The fastest technique of all, it requires only a few minutes, some sea salt spray, and a hair straightener. Just part your hair in half, form two twists, then carefully flat-iron them to get pretty bends in no time.

4. Small Barrel Curler

You’ve probably always thought that if you ever want any tight small curls, you should start to use a skinnier curling iron, and if you want large, looser waves, you should use a large barrel curler, right? if you break your hair into large sections and use a small barrel curling iron you can quickly and efficiently curl all of your hair into voluminous waves.

5. Curling Iron

Getting beach waves on short hair can be trickier than with long hair. Still, this very easy beach wave tip is simple to follow and take less than 10 to 15 minutes, before it proves to be making a perfect option for any time or day of the week. Set your style by using a curling iron so it lasts and stays frizz-free by misting a medium- to strong-hold hairspray all over, holding the can about six inches away from your head for a light application. 

6. Flat Iron

As with the first tutorial on this list, this wave styling trick incorporates a flat iron into the mix rather than a curling iron. If you have thick, long hair, this method might take longer than the others, but your flawless waves will be totally worth it. The secret is to make sure your flat iron is facing down to the floor rather than horizontally. For even more shine, mist dry hair with a shine-enhancing finishing sprays as the last step.

Procedure to Get Heatless Beach Waves 

Exposing your hair to heat especially consistently and at a high temperature causes breakage, dryness, and is overall extremely damaging. While applying a heat protectant prior to styling can help reduce the effects of hot tools, your hair is still at risk.

In fact, each time when you wrap your hair around that heating curling wand or try twisting it around some hot rollers, you’re spontaneously zapping out the moisture of your hair. So why not try some beach waves without using a heat equipment to torture your hairs.

  • Before you start, you need to visit a craft store and get a hold of some pipe cleaners. Yes, you heard me right, pipe cleaners are an unbelievable magic tool when it comes to achieving heatless beach waves.


  • To get your desired beach waves, grab a bunch of pipe cleaners, twisting the tops and bottoms together ensuring they are all lined up closely so they resemble the barrel of a curling wand. 

Now for the steps to follow –

Step 1: Working with fairly large sections of hair, grab a chunk from the back and spray it with water until it is damp. Then wrap the hair around the makeshift barrel, locking it into place by folding the pipe cleaners around the hair at the top, middle, and bottom. 

Step 2: Repeat the process all over your head and then give the style some time to set while you do your makeup or eat breakfast. Alternatively, allow your hair to set while you sleep and wake up with gorgeous, beach waves.

Step 3: Make sure the hair is completely dry before taking out the makeshift barrels. Remove the pipes and run your fingers through your now beach waves. You can also try adding a touch of your regular products and ta-daa! Beach Waves perfection.

Perfect beach waves can be a timeless summer trend but it isn’t compulsory that you need to be on a tropical beach getaway to embrace them. There are many ways to create effortless textured locks at-home whatever the weather is.

There are two ways to create beach goddess vibes, one takes a bit more heat, styling, the whole shebang the other is wonderfully low-maintenance. The former will give you a slightly sleeker finish, the latter is more relaxed.

How To Style Shoulder-Length Hair For Women

shoulder length hair for women
shoulder length hair for women

Since we have known for the longest period of time, mid-length hair or commonly known as shoulder-length hair has been seen as a growing-out phase that you had to endure until you either chopped off your hair again or grew it out completely. But in recent few years, the shoulder-length haircut, which usually falls between the top of your shoulders area just below your lower collarbone, has risen immensely in popularity with numerous options for hairstylists, thanks to the fact that it truly looks good on everyone, and because it’s so dang versatile.

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re currently in the mid-length phase or looking forward to cut your hair a bit shorter for your convenience, be rest assured. Nor too short nor too long, there are cute and glamorous shoulder length hairstyles for women that fall right at the perfect spot.

If you’re keen on growing out shoulder length hair or thinking about cutting down your long hair,  at this perfect length you’ll be able to achieve numerous multiple stylish looks. There are an infinite cuts and styles you can try with it.

Before styling and trying new haircuts for your shoulder -length hair, you should acknowledge the basics of having the perfect short hair

1. Before you style, you need to get the cut that’s right for you. Straight and simple bangs pair very beautifully with shoulder-length hairstyle, but if you opt for side swept and bang-free cuts they also look very different and great. You can choose and use your own personal preferences while deciding which cut is the best and right for you.

  • While shoulder-length hair might be great on anyone who prefers it, people that tend to have fine-to-medium hair can pull off this look the most effortlessly. For these particular hair types, a simple trimming is all that’s needed to create a stylish shoulder-length cut.
  • People with thicker and curly hair will need to cut their hair in layers to avoid having it wide at the bottom.

2. Doesn’t matter what your hair length is, you should always part your hair while keeping your face shape in mind for the most flattering hairstyles .

  • Side parts are said to be best for square, round and diamond faces.
  • For an individual with a face that is heart-shaped and has shoulder-length hair, a center part can be the most flattering.
  • You need to always remember that any type of part can always flatter a beautiful oval face.

3. Since shoulder-length hair tends to have more body than you find in other hair lengths, it can usually support a greater number of lovely accessories. The style and length is long enough that can hold up a hair tie while being short enough for heavy clips that are not to flatten.

  • Slide on some flashy and elegant hair clips or pins to hold your style together or you can simply decorate your hair with it.
  • When wearing a headband, you can choose to tease out your hair to showcase its volume or flatten it down for a sleek look. Either will work for shoulder-length hair.

4. The most important and the last part to remember is to keep trimming your hair on a regular basis. How you can define “regularly” will totally depend on how fast you have a hair growth. Shoulder-length hair can usually go longer without a trim compared to the shorter styles. However, it should still be cut at least every 4-8 weeks to maintain a neat cut and to avoid breakage.

Fashion’s favourite street stylists are loving a long bob right now and there are plenty of ways to make the shoulder-skimming cut your own. Whether you let your mane flow or twist it into a neat knot, the line between chin-length and long is yours to experiment with.


Stay super cool and try to put your own styling stamp on collarbone-grazing, shoulder-length hair with the ever stylish half-up topknot. This tousled carefree style can be rocked at a party or pulled up for off-duty glam. The messy look is also the perfect running-late hairstyle as it can be created in six quick and easy steps. It’s ideal if you don’t want to commit to a full updo. 


Soften your length with a bouncy blow-dry and pinned-back beauty. Delicate half updos with clipped sections are an easy way to work different short hairstyles into your everyday routine. It’s the perfect look to finish a wedding outfit or to add a feminine touch to your date night style. 


A blunt midi-cut always adds instant cool style to any look. Style it super straight for extra glamour, using any styler. A styler with its ultra-zone technology reduces breakage by 50% and boosts shine by 20% making your look for sassy. Gliding the styler slowly through the hair, from root to tip, ensures every strand is pressed and straightened for a flawless finish. 


This simple and easy-going low bun can be styled up or down and is quite easy to achieve with a beautifully cut shoulder-length hair. It’s feminine, classic and simple to recreate on locks chopped to the shoulders. Ideal for long days in the office, when you want to make an impression, you can also dress this style up with accessories for special occasions. 


For the people out there who have super thick hair, you might be confused and think a deep side part isn’t what you want for your hair. But trust us when we say that you will love the mass of volume and body you get while going heavy with the deep side part. Try it especially when paired with a blunt shoulder-length hairstyle for a more stylish look. A deep side part always goes well with almost every hair texture.

Getting some new shoulder-length hair style ideas can always add a unique spin to your personality and look. Try out tousled top knots, flaunt super-sleek chops and twist your way to midi perfection, there’s a look for every occasion. Why not to add them to your beautiful hairdo looks to shake up your style and truly own the style of shoulder-length hair.

Top Haircuts For Men You Should Definitely Try

Think ‘man haircut‘ and the first images that come to your mind is that of several men seated in a row at a ‘barber’ shop and getting a haircut done. 

However, men’s hairstyling has come a long way and moved from barber’s shops to styling salons, which were often considered a female bastion. Look around anywhere in any city, and chances are that you’ll find innumerable salons that are changing the way we view a man’s haircut.


A good haircut can make you stand out in a crowd and can take your fashion game up a few notches. It increases your confidence level as it puts the focus on you wherever you go. And this rule holds true for both men and women. 

However, a man’s haircut isn’t discussed as often as it should be. But don’t you worry. We have your back. We bring you here the top haircuts for men, for all types of hair. Check out the one which suits you:


Types Of Haircuts For Men

Depending upon the texture and type of hair, here are the man haircuts that you can go for:


Haircut For Men With Curly Hair

Curly hair can be a tad difficult to maintain as they generally tend to be dry. However, the key to maintaining awesome curls is to go slow with frequent shampooing; use a leave-in hair serum, and, of course, trying these special haircuts for men with curly hair.


Curly Fringe :


In our opinion, curly hair is the best type of hair to carry the fringe cut for men. In this haircut, the crown area and front are cut in long layers whereas the sides and back are trimmed really short. This effectively highlights the fringe at the front. This is an easy-to-maintain hairstyle. Make sure to pull your curls toward the forehead each time you comb. To give it a glam twist, add a few blonde highlights to the fringe.


Curly Pompadour :


The pompadour is the most popular haircut for men with curly hair. Originally a women’s hairstyle, this hair cut reached the zenith of its popularity due to Elvis Presley. In this haircut, the front curls are cut to a precise length and then moved upward and back, away from the face while retaining the curly texture. The sides are usually tapered into a fade to highlight the pomp. A dash of gloss is usually added to up the glam factor of this cut. However, to get this haircut right, grow your curls to a longer length.


Blow Out Haircut :

 If you are not inclined toward a glamorous or glossy look and prefer something more understated, then the blow out haircut is the right one for you. Unlike pompadour or fringe, this one retains most of the hair on top including around the crown area. The side tapering is usually kept low and is trimmed really short or shaved. The idea is to retain most of the hair volume so that all you need to do is brush your fingers through (instead of a comb) and you are good to go!


Haircut For Men With Thin Hair

Creating a good haircut for men with thin hair can be quite tricky as any more trimming or cutting can give the impression of baldness. Keeping this in mind, here are few haircuts for men with thin hair which are not only stylish but also add volume.


Pompadour With An Undercut :

 And, it is pompadour to the rescue again! The full-on bufo-like illusion of this style makes it an ideal haircut for men with thin hair. But instead of a fade for the sides, go for a complete undercut. This will make the pomp the center of attention. This style gives a sleek and sophisticated look.


Loose Side Swept Hair : 

Men with thin hair, if you like the fringe style of a haircut but always thought it was unachievable, then this haircut is good news for you. This loose side-swept haircut is slightly messy and stylish depending on how you choose to wear it – loose or tamed. While most haircuts for men with thin hair focuses on layering, this cut highlights the fringe to take away the attention from the thinness. The best part of this haircut is that it gives a sense of fullness to the thin hair both vertically as well as horizontally.


Side Texture Tapered Style :

 If you are looking for a cut that gives you a neat and professional look yet works well for a casual outing, then this style is just what you are looking for. Here, the front hair is cut into medium-to-long layers with short, tapered sides. The thin hair actually works as an advantage in this cut as you can easily comb the hair to give it a side-swept look. Thus maintaining the neatness of this cut.


Haircut For Men – Short Hair

Think haircut for men in short hair and the first image that crops up in your mind is that of a military officer or soldier. There is something appealing about those short haircuts that look refreshing, especially during the summers. No wonder it makes women go weak in the knees when they see the men in uniform sport these styles! So, if you too wish to up your style quotient, here are the most popular haircuts for short hair. These cuts are the foundations. You can combine these and play around with other stylish cuts too:


Buzz Cut :


Also known as military cut, colloquially, this style is an all-time favorite short haircut for men. It’s fresh, hassle-free, and very, very low maintenance. The short sides in this haircut also serve as a canvas for various shape ups, sideburn and neck tapers, with the most popular being the razored flash signs.


Messy Spikes :


If you wish to retain a bit of length to your hair yet need short hair around the neck, then go for spikes. The messy spikes are also very stylish. It is a great combination of short hair low-maintenance and the glam quotient of the spikes. Just rub in some gel with your fingers and you are ready to rock the party.


Quiff :

Remember TinTin? Don’t we simply love the cute look of the dashing reporter? A short tuft of hair in the front is swept straight up and back. The rest of the hair is trimmed and tapered at the sides, thereby highlighting the quiff. This cut will work really well if the quiff is straight, soft and yet stiff. So, if your hair is limp, add a dash of gel to hold the quiff.


Haircut For Men – Long Hair

Before we discuss haircuts for men in long hair, let us admit that choosing to keep their hair long is a bold decision. Because maintaining long hair isn’t an easy task (we’re sure a lot of women would nod in agreement). Using the right kind of shampoo and conditioner is key to maintaining the good shape of any haircut for men in long hair. Also, the right kind of styling products can add zing to any style.


Long Side Fringe :

The fringe is the hottest style in the world of man haircuts. And if you need a dramatic effect, then the long side fringe is apt for it. Choose the side where you wish to part your hair. Then the fringe is cut into long layers and swept on that side. Thereafter, the sides and back are gradually tapered and given a low fade. This way you get the style of the long hair as well as the hassle-free, low-maintenance benefit of short hair. But remember to use the right products each time you wash and style your cut.


Slick Back Hair :

If you wish to keep your forehead clear, then go for this slick-back cut. In this haircut, the front hair and crown area are cut in long layers whereas the sides and back are given a low tapered cut. The slick back hair looks really sleek and professional, especially for that big meeting you have. Suitable hair color or highlights can up the glam quotient of this look.


Combover Hair :


This is a classic haircut for men in long hair. The hair is cut in long layers on the top and the sides are slightly shortened without creating any dramatic effect. The long hair can be combed over to any one of the sides or even slicked back depending on the occasion. For a classy twist (pun intended), try giving a slight roll to the front hair when you comb over to one side.

Styling and grooming can make anyone’s personality shine from within. But, if you are looking for something that’ll put you under the spotlight right away, then what is a better way to do this than through a good haircut? So, whether your hair is curly or straight, short or long, we’ve got you all covered. 

There may be many more man haircuts out there, but these are the basics on which most other styles are based on. So, what are you waiting for? Just head to your favorite salon and let the hairstylist work his magic on your hair. Snip, snip!


Which Haircut Suits Your Face Shape

When it comes to having a fresh hairstyle, your face size and shape is one of the most important and vital factors to consider. After all, you can choose the prettiest new cut, but if it doesn’t work with your face, it isn’t going to be all you dreamed of.

 So, instead of opting for the latest trend, try selecting a style that suits your face shape instead. Whether your face is a rectangle, oval, square, circle, triangle, heart or diamond, the right cut will expertly frame and balance it while showcasing your best features for a flattering and complementary appearance.

But here comes the question how can you actually determine what shape your face is? The answer is It’s very simple. The first thing to do is to get yourself a flexible tape measure. Then start taking the following measurements, recording each of them as you go.

  • Forehead: Start measuring across your face from the peak of your one eyebrow arch to the peak of the opposite arch of your eyebrow.
  • Cheekbones: Secondly than start measuring across your cheekbones. Start and end at the pointiest part below your outer corner of each eye.
  • Jawline: Thirdly measure from the tip of your chin to below your ear. Do it at the point where your jaw angles upwards. Then multiply that number by two to get your jawline measurement.
  • Face Length: And lastly, finish the measure starting from the center of your hairline to the tip of your chin.

Once you’ve taken all of these measurements, try to note down which is the largest of the four, and then start to compare this to the seven main face profiles to find out what does your face shape falls under.

  1. Oval Shape:Face length that is greater than the width of the cheekbones and also the forehead is greater than the jawline are considered to be under Oval shape. The shape also features the angle of the jaw rounded rather than sharp.
  2. Rectangle Shape: When your measurement for the face length comes equally in sizes for cheekbones, forehead, and jawline you can consider it as a Rectangle shape.
  3. Triangular Shape: Jawline the measures greater than your cheekbones are triangular shaped. They also measure larger than the forehead.
  4. Round Shape: In a round shape you will find the cheekbones and your face length have a similar measurement. They are considerably larger than your forehead and jawline. The angle of the jaw is softer and much less defined.
  5. Heart Shape: In the Heart shape your forehead will measures greater than your jawline and cheekbones. The chin is rather pointed in this kind of shape.
  6. Square Shape: In square shape faces all the measurements come out fairly similar. The angle of your jaw will be much sharper rather than rounded.
  7. Diamond Shape: In diamond face, the length measures the largest. Then while in descending order you will find cheekbones, forehead, and jawline is the smallest. The chin shape will be pointed out.

The fashion queen Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who is going to cut her hair is about to change her whole life.” A haircut is something that can make or break your look. It is the most obvious aspect of a person, and a bad hair job can be completely off-putting to others. So choose carefully the best hairstyle for your face shape. 

Your hairstyle adds to your beauty, gives you confidence and complements your best features. While face shape is an important thing to consider, there are few other factors that should play a vital role in your decision. While choosing a style, don’t forget to consider your personality, hair texture, body type, and your lifestyle as well. 


1. Haircuts For Oval Faces


Seen as a genetic jackpot for the lucky women’s, an oval face may not be the best of face shapes for men, but it can be considered as a good canvas for experimentation. If you by any chance have an oval face shape, you should probably consider yourself lucky. 

However, if you’re looking for a style with impact, you should consider opting for either long locks or a cute, short crop. For ladies who like short hair in their oval face can try a blunt bob with subtle layers. This look is considered particularly chic. 


2. Haircuts for Rectangle Faces


Said to be the longest of the face shapes, a rectangular face shape falls somewhere between an oval and a square. It requires a tweaked hairstyle to ensure the face doesn’t appear even longer than it already is for men. 

For women, a soft layered cut, for example, can enhance cheekbones while disguising the corners of the face. However, you should be careful to avoid overly long styles, which can further elongate your appearance. If you do opt for a long length, try styling your hair with a blowout, waves or curls. As for updos, choose soft and romantic chignons. 


3. Haircuts for Inverted Triangle Face


Triangle face shapes feature a very strong jawline that is wider than your forehead and a chin that is flat or square in shape. 

As such, for ladies with a triangle face, it’s essential to pick a hairstyle that will balance out the jaw and minimize the bottom-heavy appearance of the face. To do so, try opting for a cut with layers, which will soften your features. 


4. Haircuts for Round Faces


Round face shapes have a typical feature with a similar length and width. It also showcases a prominent rounded cheek. The most flattering hairstyles for ladies that have round faces are those that add shape and definition.

 In particular, long layered cuts and choppy pixie cuts tend to look best. If opting for a layered cut, choose long, staggered layers that start around the jawline.


5. Haircuts for Heart Faces


If you have a beautiful heart-shaped face, your structure will feature a broad forehead with cheekbones and also a narrow chin and jawline. In such cases, you should try to balance your face shape with a cut that decreases your brow width.

 Try to increase the width of the lower half of your face. For example, a long side-swept cut will disguise part of your forehead while drawing eyes down to the bottom of your face. 


6. Haircuts for Square Faces


A square-shaped face features a broad forehead, wide cheekbones, and a strong jawline. So, if you have a square face, selecting a cut that softens these features is essential for a flattering appearance. For a look that complements your bone structure, consider a side-parted style, which will offset the squareness. 

Long and airy layers can also be flattering and will help to disguise the sharp angles of your face. If you like a cropped length, consider a short, layered bob.


7. Haircuts for Diamond Faces


A diamond shape is an angular face shape that simply features a narrow jawline and forehead with high cheekbones at the widest point of your face. Ladies with diamond face shapes should soften their sharp angles and try to balance their cheekbones.

 For a soft look, consider a medium or long layered cut is worn with tousled waves and a deep side part. Narrow in the chin and brow, with width in the cheeks, the diamond is one of the rarer face shapes in men too. 

Image Source:

Cute Baby Hairstyles And Accessories

Tell me a girl who doesn’t love fashion? We girls love fashion and styling ourselves to the next level. And I wouldn’t be shocked anytime if newbie moms just get their daughters ready for ultimate fashion and styling. Little kids look cute by their hairstyling and cute accessories plus hairstyles. Every mom in this world loves to deck up and style their little daughters. These dressed-up little cuties sometimes give us major cuteness goals. There are a number of hairstyles that are sorted for little muchkins. But before we jump on to hairstyles for kids, let me tell you little tips to style hair for our little munchkins.

Tips to Style Hair for your Little Munchkin

1. Go with Natural Hair Products

Never go for using any harsh chemical-based hair products for your kids as their scalp and skin are still delicate and at a very immature stage. Try replacing every product which contains harsh chemicals. Find an alternative for everything, and go for natural and home-based products as long and soon as possible.

2. Avoid using heat-based hair products

Do not use any heat-based hair styling product for kids until and unless it is very important and make sure to use a brand that does not cause harm to your kid while in usage. It is better to keep your kids away from any styling method, but it can be considered for less usage. 

3. The ingredients of the product should be kid-friendly

Always check the label and ingredients of hair based products you use, before styling or using it directly. Make sure these products are kid-friendly and not for your little doll. Many of the brands have come up with various kid-friendly techniques. Just give a little attention to these brands.

4. Choose products that are soft & can’t cause harm

No matter what you use, may it be a hair comb or a hairbrush, just make sure these don’t come with harsh brittle. Use a soft hairbrush or a hair comb for your little child to prevent any breakage and hair loss problem in your child’s beautiful and thick hair. Try various brands and come to a conclusion for your child’s benefit.

5. Begin with Shampooing the hair

The first and foremost thing before doing a proper hairstyle for your girl is to shampoo their hair and blow-dry it. In this way it gets detangled and also it increases the volume and density of their hair. And this will also ensure that their hair is set for a longer time

We have now seen some of the main and important tips and tricks to ensure that the hairdo is styled perfectly and also doesn’t damage the hair of your little munchkin. It is easily understandable that moms go through a great stress of styling their little child.

But what if they find some cute things which will not only give their hair a beautiful look but also don’t creates a mess of detangled hair, as kids’ hair is more prone to detangling, unlike adult hair. Let us look at some of the cute hair accessories for your children which will enhance the beauty of hairdos and give them a different charm altogether. 

Recommended Hair Accessories for your Baby Girl

1. Mimi and Lula Superstar Salon Clips: £7 For Three, Mimi And Lula

These are a kind of metallic stars that are designed in a very efficient manner hiding the salon clip that is used to hold the hair firmly. It gives an effect of metallic stars floating on hair. And when three different colors are worn, it gives your child a look of a constellation. Isn’t that amazing? Though these clips look like they can get damaged or fall at any point but do not underestimate these beautiful clips. But it has a very good staying back capacity and doesn’t even move an inch from its place. These clips are definitely made for your cute little girl.

2. Claire's mermazing braid hair tool: £3.60, Claire’s

Since my childhood I’ve been a fan of mermaid style hair braid, aren’t they too beautiful and tempting. And who doesn’t love these lovely and perfectly styled braids? But the problem with the hairstyle is that it is very difficult to get it perfectly styled. It needs a lot of intricate work and this hairstyle is definitely for kids who are willing to stay at a place and get it done. But this tool comes to the rescue, it can give you the perfect mermaid styled hair, if your child has a little patience and interest. Get yourself buying this cute hair tool for your kid.

3. JoJo Maman Bebe flower clips: £4 for three, JoJo Maman Bebe

These are the ultimate flower clips any girl would love to style. These have very intricate work done on them which comes with a glitter edition as well. We are pretty sure, your girl would love to wear these cute flowers on their hair. It does a pretty good job of holding hair for a longer time, as it comes with crocodile pins underneath the flower. It usually takes four hours for these clips to move a little. These crocodile pins just poke out of the flower. Else, everything is good. Just buy them for your little child and make them feel special.

4. Mori headband: £8.50, Mori

Headbands are the cutest thing when selecting hair accessories for your children.  Headbands create a very subtle and cute look for your child. This hairband comprises 30 percent of organic cotton and 70 percent of viscose cotton. This headband is very popular among kid accessories and has high success rates. It is really very soft and comes in a range of very cold and cute colors. And it is also very stretchy, so no matter if your child grows older, it will still be helpful. It does a great job of holding your child’s hair back, this is what its purpose is.

5. Rockahula Kids pollyanna long velvet bow ponies: £5, Rockahula Kids

These are the cutest hairbands with bows and velvet strips. It may take time to get used to these cute hairbands for your kids. For the first time, it looks a little awkward to wear it for the first time as it can be a little difficult to put the bow in the right position and keeping the velvet strips at the back of the ponytail. It tends to stay as long as possible and after a vigorous playing of the child, it may move a little. This is a very cute and useful headband for all the little munchkins and this brand manufactures a lot of hair accessories for kids.

Now let us look at some of the most cutest hairdos to style your little munchkin like a princess.

1. Micro Braided Half Tie

(image source:

This is indeed the cutest hairdo for your princess if she has long and silky hair. In this hairdo, two micro braids from two different side ends of hair come together and form a half tie in the middle. This looks very pretty and can be taken into consideration for birthday parties or any day time parties. This hairdo looks phenomenal when paired with a white dress or a frock. Things needed to make this hairdo are very easily available such as hair elastic, decorative hair elastic, fine comb, curling rollers, and olive oil. This hairdo will definitely make your little princess look adorable as ever.

2. Conch Braid With Ribbons

(image source:

This hairdo is for girls who are obsessed with flowers! Yes, it is a flower hairdo and will look magical on your little princess. It is also known as a flower girl hairdo and it is very easy plus mess-free. You don’t have to struggle with this hairstyle, it is simple and hassle-free. Decorating it with colored ribbons will add more glam effect to this hairdo. This hairdo is perfect for outings and especially in summers. All you need to make this hairstyle are ribbons, decorative U pins, fine comb and bobby pins. This hairstyle is something that adds up to the charm of your little beauty

3. Wispy Curly Bob

image source:

This curly look is a simple, hassle-free, mess-free and adorable hairdo. It is bob cut with beautiful curls and amazing tresses. This is suitable for short and silky haired girls. These curls will definitely enhance the cuteness of your girl’s cherubic face. Pair this hairdo with a light-colored summer style dress and nothing can stop your girl from slaying extraordinarily. This hairdo is very simple and needs only three things curling roller, paddle brush, and olive oil. It is easy, to get this done just by applying olive oil and using a curling roller. Once you feel hair is curled, just brush it up your little munchkin is done.

4. Dense Cornrow With Ponytail

(image source:

If your girl’s hair is voluminous dense and richly textured it can be styled in various ways and one of the best hairdos is dense cornrow with a ponytail. It works great if she has dense hair. It can be styled into cornrows for an offbeat hairstyle! This requires a lot of patience and is also considered to be a preppy and fun hairdo. Your girl will definitely own a style statement after this hairdo. Your little girl will probably slay in this beautiful hairdo, but all you require to make this hairstyle is olive oil, rat tail comb, wax styling gel for kids, small and big hair elastics and a fine comb.

5. Loose Waves With Headband

Image source:

This is the perfect hairdo when you are not in a mood for a mess. It is a very simple and hassle-free hairdo. And absolutely perfect for your little doll to look absolutely adorable. Just get your girl ready for any birthday parties and get-togethers with this loose wavy hair and a big floral headband. It is simpler than it looks. All you require to make this hairstyle are curling rollers, olive oil, soft paddle brush, and a floral headband. Let your girl rock with this amazing hairdo by pairing it up with a floral light-colored frock or a dress.

5 Real Women On The Power To Embrace Your Natural Hairs

We’re not conditioned to love our natural hairs it just doesn’t work like that. Especially when we live in a society that just recently widened its stereotypical scope of beauty. 

It is a scope that shamed natural hair, in many unjustified cases and labeling it “unacceptable” also “unkempt”. Within the past few years, young girls have been suspended from school for keeping their natural texture. Even many women have been fired from their jobs. 

Thankfully, this does not take away the true beauty that natural hair poses with all of its kinky, textured, coiled glory. Instead, it builds within us even more resilience, confidence, and strength that comes with wearing your natural curls with an unshakable pride.

More and more celebrities are embracing – and flaunting – their natural hair, giving us all the confidence to do the same. Nowadays many annual events such as Black Girls Rock, celebrates the accomplishments of women of color and continue to inspire us to be unapologetically ourselves. 

Naturalists around the world also recently celebrated World Afro Day on 15 September, which was more encouragement for us to harness the power of our natural hair.

The average American women usually encounter many troubles and surprises with their natural hair. It’s either difficult to style or lacks length for versatile impressive hairstyles you can see there on Internet. Another problem that they face is when their hair is getting extremely dry and brittle due to experiments with styling procedures and styling products.

As the natural beauty trend takes hold across the US, it seems each woman is fully embracing their natural hair. Most of us tend to associate grey hair with turning old – but that may not always be the case. Some people start greying as early as their twenties and often try to hide it by dyeing their hair. However, some brave women are fighting the stigma behind it and embracing their natural hair.

Here’s a list of our favorite natural-haired women who continue to inspire us: 

Solange Knowles


She’s our favorite diva and basically single-handedly inspired the fluffy, natural hair look. Solange released her single Don’t Touch My Hair in 2016 and it quickly became a natural-hair anthem. Continuously experimenting with new styles, Solange has taught us that there are endless possibilities when it comes to natural hairstyles.


Lupita Nyong’0’



 Apart from being a fashion icon in her own right, she’s also known for her creative beauty looks. Lupita has always worn her natural hair with pride. Her interview about her hair journey to Carolyn Korman in the 2018 issue of Porter magazine and why it’s so essential for her to embrace her natural hair has inspired many women to start being natural with their hair.

 As she said to the reporter ‘Her hair is something that, historically, that has been shunned,’ she also added and said. ‘ how often does anyone of you hear, “You can’t get a job with hair like that?” Natural, African and kinky hair has often been painted as wild and uncivilized.’

Nicole Kidman


 While we might know Nicole Kidman as a blonde, her real natural hair color and texture can be seen in earlier projects like Eyes Wide Shut and Moulin Rouge. 

The actress was born with vibrant red, curly hair. Over the years, Kidman has gone back and forth between varying shades of blond and red hair. 

The 51-year-old star launched her career in her native Australia back in 1983 sporting her naturally reddish tresses and long corkscrew curls. It’s a look she maintained some version of — from curly and wavy to strawberry and auburn — throughout her rise to Hollywood stardom. 

Since we have being seeing Nicole Kidman sporting blonde hair for so long, it’s easy to forget that she’s actually a natural redhead. 

The actress said that her hair has never been the same because of all of the years she’s spent over-styling her curls. In an interview she once said ” How she wish she had her curls back,” she also told the publication. “She tortured them to death and she honestly suggest always that, ‘Never ruin the ringlets!'”

Yara Shahidi



 There are plenty of reasons to admire  Yara Shahidi. She started gaining recognition for her main starring role as the oldest daughter Zoey Johnson on the famous sitcom Black-ish and also its equally popular spin-off series Grown-ish.

 Shahidi’s hair never looks the same, whether she’s scooping her impressive head of hair into a funky ponytail, or letting her texture do the talking with a wash-and-go. 

However, one thing remains consistent, and that is the health of her curls, which is paramount.

Blake Lively


Blake Lively is a bona fide movie star and the wife of Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds. But to fans of the iconic teen drama Gossip Girl, Lively will always be Serena van der Woodsen. It was during her years on the show that Lively first elicited hair lust in, well, everyone. 

She had (and still has) the highly sought-after beachy blonde waves that hair dreams are made of. Hair deity that she is, it wouldn’t be hard to believe she was born with these enviable locks.

 In reality, though, little Lively was born with hair considerably darker than her signature blonde shade. She nearly broke the internet during her pregnancies when she stopped dying and revealed her real roots.

These few women are well known and powerful in their position and stand when it comes to being honest with what they really want to do with their bodies or hair. 

Hair can sometimes be a pretty deep topic, especially when it intersects with culture and race.

 It’s no secret that women of color have often felt the need to conform to their hair texture by use of perms, relaxers, irons, and various other products that can damage one’s natural texture. 

However, there have finally been shifts in culture that have allowed women all over to begin to feel a sense of pride and appreciation for their kinks and curls.


Quirky Hair Extensions – Fake it if you can’t make it

hair stencil

Top 10 “Fake it if you can’t make it” Ideas

Who doesn’t love celebrity styled hairs that look Insta-worthy ? The trick though not known by many of us is that these droolworthy hairstyles are achieved using hair extensions? They’re the best thing in the tress department which help you like a new you every single day. The right hair extensions are key to instantly glam up any look!

We list down our recommendation of the quirkiest hair extensions out there so that you can run away with the circus some day!

1. Dutch Braids

Quirky Hair Extensions

Dutch braids have been around for centuries and will be so. Why you ask? Because they’re just GOAT! This braided hairstyle works perfectly to amp up any ordinary look. You can easily do it for music festivals because not only is it functional, staying put while you dance during hot, dry, and dusty conditions, it looks stylish and daring. If you find your braids not thick enough, you can always use hair extensions to make those braids thicker and longer.

2. Bubble Pigtails

We love the playful and girly vibe this hairstyle creates. This looks rad with long hair because you’re able to go all-out with the bubbles. However, if you have them chopped off, worry not! This could be the perfect opportunity to use hair extension which will add the exra volume and length needed to make this hairstyle come to life. 

3. Space Buns

Space bun

The 90’s iconic Space buns have made a comeback and how! These cute buns are easy to make and look cute on everyone. Though they might be a bit too extra on regular days, they work perfectly fine for music festivals, day outs or carnivals. You can also put your own spin on this popular look by adjusting the placing or accessorizing it. Borrow some tresses to make nice voluminous buns and you’re sure to stand out!

4. Faux-Locs

Dreads and it’s culture is really fascinating with a long and rich history attached to it. It’s time to make a debut in the world of Faux. They are super versatile, fun and just about anyone can wear them– that’s why faux is really kind of fantastic. You can experiment with dreadlocks and braids of all different styles, textures, lengths, and colors. There are just so many possible variations that you could wear your hair differently every day for a year.

5. Unicorn Hair

Hair extension

Short-haired beauties aren’t the only ones who can play around with the power bob hairstyles. Ladies with long hair, you’re not excluded! If you wish for your hair to go all short and spunky but feared losing those long waist grazing tresses, here’s the perfect solution for you. Just clip on the razor cut bob weaves and Viola! It’s a new (and temporary) you!

7. Pull-Through Braid


A twist to the plain old braid, this ‘do is functional, keeps your hair off your face while also adding a fun element to your overall look. You can easily achieve this look by making a fishtail braid and then pulling sections of the braid loose. You could also aim for a hippie-chic vibe by adding a few flowers through the braid. Use hair extensions for added length and volume to the braid.

8. Neon Hair

We bring you the secret of forever being the life of the party. Neon all the wayy! Jazz up your mundane locks with vibrant Neon clip-on streaks! Look fab all night, stealing all the attention (and some jealous glances)! Who knew you could get such fancy highlights with zero effort, right?

9. Hair Rings

Tbh, let’s move over flowercrowns– there is so much more to experiment with in the hair accessory department! To spice up your look, try adding hair rings to your braids which give out an edgy and fierce vibe. You’re also free to experiment with more elements like coloured extensions, glitter and flowers to stand out! 

10. Hair Stencils

Who said only tattoos let your body speak? Make a splash by flaunting all those funky colors and art through your hair! Yes, you heard that right. Bring out your creativity and let your hair do all the talking. Use stencils to write, draw, paint or design on your hair. And if you’re scared of the damage or can’t keep up with the lasting time, what are hair extensions for? Rave by the night and work by the day! Perfect hair always!

Hottest hair trend you need to follow

Hottest hair trend
Hottest hair trend

All You Need To Know About The Haircut Of The Year

Make way for the one-size-fits-all of haircuts– the glorious Ivy League. You have seen this haircut everywhere- from your favourite celebs to that cute guy in the gym, this haircut sure works wonders on every face, whatever may be the cut, colour, type and shape. When it comes to achieving a sleek and stylish look, we bet there’s no better hairstyle than an Ivy League.

What is it?

Also known as a Princeton cut or Harvard clip, the Ivy League haircut (well, obviously) originated in the American Ivy League schools. It is essentially a more stylish variation of the old crew cut, combined with a side part slick, side swept style. The cut features neatly tapered down sides with a top of around 1.5-2 inches, just long enough to side part

Why get it?

This timeless haircut proves to be versatile by making you look sharp and groomed at boardroom; and trendy and cool at barstool. The low maintainance Ivy League cut can readily give you the dapper look for any occasion. If you’re one always running late in the morning, the textured haircut makes for a quick and easy style without putting too much effort. Apart from exemplifying class, sophistication and professionalism; the cut is great to highlight the masculine facial features, letting out a defined jawline and cheekbones. Also, peeps, a secret between us– it helps hide the receding hairline, too! How. Amazing. Is. That?

How to get it?

Make sure you visit the barbershop with at least 2 inches of grown out hair. Take a picture of the cut you want with you, and ask the stylist to taper the sides, creating a clipper cut.

Being a short haircut, it is actually quite easy to style. Squeeze out some hair product, and using a comb or your fingers, create a side part and brush up. You can even opt to leave the top messy to achieve a messy effortless look.

Show me more!

Need more inspiration to get the cut? We have a line up of some of the best men rocking the Ivy League, right here– scroll and drool or scroll and roll?

1. Ryan Reynold’s Classic Brushed Up Ivy League cut

Ryan Reynplds
Image Source :

2. Zayn Malik’s Undercut Taper Fade Ivy League

Zayn Malik
Image Source :

3. Sleek Side-swept Long Ivy League

Adam Lambert
Image Source :

4. Short Tapered Sides with a Messy Top

Frank Grillo
Image Source :

5. Curly Ivy League Hairstyle and Scruff

Jimmy Butler
Image Source :

6. Short & Spiked textured hair Ivy

David Beckham
Image Source :

7. Smooth and straight Asian Hair Ivy

Zhao lei
Image Source :

8. The Hard Part with Taper fade

Image Source :

9. Liam Payne’s Low Taper fade

liam payne
Image Source :

10. The Skin Fade Ivy League Haircut

liam payne
Image Source :

11. Messy Scruff for Receding Hairline

ryan reynolds
Image Source :

What are you waiting for? Go, jump into 2019 with the charming Ivy League cut and who knows? You might secure a spot on this *esteemed* list!

Jenifer Anniston Hairstyles – The Best Of All Times

Jeniffer Aniston

Top 5 Times Jenifer Anniston Made Our Hearts Swoon With Her Hairstyles

When you try to think of the most amazing hairstyle carried by Jennifer Anniston, the first image that crosses your mind is ‘The Rachel’. It is an undefeated winner and yet I’m going to snub it from my list. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love her iconic hairdo of ‘The Rachel’ from FRIENDS. I know it was one of the hardest hairstyles that one could pull off. But there is not a shadow of doubt in the fact that we don’t give her enough credit for all the different hairstyles that she has single-handedly pulled off with such ease. Another reason why I decided to not put it on my list was because Jennifer Anniston herself seemed to hate it.

1. Ponytails

Let’s rewind our clocks back to 1998 when Jennifer Anniston carried this interesting and equally intricate hairdo comprising of various little ponytails at the premiere of the object of my affection. 

Jenifer Anniston Hairstyles
Image Source :

2. The Modern Medusa Hairstyle

The modern medusa hairdo as I like to call it. We all know that tousled hair can be a bit of a challenge to carry and yet again she proved there is nothing she cannot do. You too can easily flaunt this hairstyle by adding on some Hair Extensions.

Jeniffer Aniston
Image Source :

3. The Pony Flip

while you thought most of the celebrities would want to avoid a boring ponytail at a red carpet event, Jennifer Anniston rocked this look. Not only she looked like the epitome of a classy woman but also proved how drop dead gorgeous she is even with a minimalistic hairstyle.

jeniffer aniston
Image Source :

4. Got the buns Hun

The way  she looks in a bun is exactly the way I want to look when I make a bun. While I thought buns needed to look more complicated in order to win the approval of people I was completely taken aback when I saw her carry this plain and simple bun at an award show.

Jeniffer Aniston
Image Source :

5. Awkward curly bob

while I was scrolling through the never-ending timeline describing the hairstyles she has rocked. I was wondering if there was anything no one would look good in except for her. And Alas! I found it. There it was a picture of her in a hairstyle that wouldn’t suit a single person on the face of this planet but her. I cannot even fathom the possibility of her not being able to carry any hairstyle.

Jeniffer Anniston
Image Source :

Is there any hairstyle she cannot carry? Are there awards for swooning us over the past years with her amazing hairstyles?  Can we thank her hairstylist for doing such an amazing job?