Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls

Having a great hairstyle that looks gorgeous and is easy to maintain is any girl’s fantasy. And if you happen to have a specific texture of hair – say Afro-fizz, curly, or wavy hair, then braids are your best bet. They are easy to maintain, can be worn in a variety of ways, and look good on any outfit. Since most black girls have this texture of hair, they can easily carry off this look. What’s more? Braids have made a huge comeback on the fashion scene. We’ve found a lot of interesting braid ideas on the ramp walks this season. So, here are some sensational yet simple braided hairstyles for black girls.

1. The Boxer Braids

Yes, the ever-so-popular Boxer Braids are our go-to braid hairstyle when it comes styling black hair. If you are a beginner and love to go with a stylish braid, then boxer braids are a must-try. Here’s how to do them:

Step 1: Part your hair into two parts right from the middle. Clutch one bunch of the hair with a clip.

Step 2: Start by braiding your hair from one side. Begin from the forehead where your hairline starts. The closer to the forehead hairline, the sleeker it looks.

Step 3: Braid your hair, as usual, all the way back until you reach the ends. Leave a few open strands and fasten your braids with a thin rubber band.

Step 4: Repeat the same process on the other side as well. There, you’re done!

2. The Feed-In Cornrow Braids

You’ll need some hair extensions to create this hairstyle. Using hair extensions of a different color other than your natural hair color is recommended. And the longer they are, the better. This hairstyle looks quite cool and funky all at once. Before you start working on this hairstyle, make sure you open, sort, and keep the hair extensions ready in front of you. Thereafter, you can go about it this way:

Step 1: Create multiple small sections (about an inch) in your hair and clip each of them separately. Pick the section you wish to braid first. Start from the front by getting 3 sections of the tuft of hair in your fingers.

Step 2: Get at least 3 to 4 stitches before adding your hair extensions. One stitch is when you place one section in your fingers over the other, followed by the third. Create four cornrow stitches before you begin to add the extensions.

Step 3: At your fourth stitch, you’ll be able to feel at least one section of hair which will be shorter or thinner than the rest of the 2. Get this section into the middle and place your hair extension on it. Wind this extension around your natural hair and then start braiding the other sections into it.

Step 4: Keep adding extensions to the remaining sections as you go further. Upon reaching the end of your scalp, extend the cornrow into a full-fledged plait. Finally, leave a few open strands at the end and fasten it with a fine rubber band. Repeat the steps for the remaining partitions of the hair.

Twirl once you’ve completed this hairstyle. You’re going to love it.

3. Braided Cornrow Ponytails

The bad-hair-day saver for all types of hair – the ponytail – can easily be adapted to cornrow braids as well. It is simple and looks stylish too. Here’s how you can get it:

Step 1: Divide your front hair into as many sections as you want. Start braiding the hair in cornrows only up to the point where you wish to put your ponytail up. If you have short hair, you can use hair extensions.

Step 2: Once your cornrow reaches the middle part of your head, don’t use the scalp hair to extend it anymore. Instead, pull the hair up and complete the plait with the remaining hair. Fasten with a rubber band. Repeat the process with the remaining sections of hair at the front with each one starting with a cornrow and then turning into a plait midway until the end.

Step 3: As the number of cornrow braids increases at the front, hold all the plaits with a big clip or a hair clutch on one side.

Step 4: Once all the cornrow braids are done at the front, flip the braids over. Section the back hair in similar rows. Create cornrow braids in the opposite direction, starting from down and extending upward until the middle point where the previous cornrows were extended into braids.

Step 5: When you are done with all the cornrow braids from the lower side of the head as well, gather all of them at the midpoint. Now, use a large rubber band to fasten all the braids together in a ponytail. You can also wind one of the braids around the rubber band and pin it with a bobby pin to give it a natural fancy look.

Who says ponytails are only for bad hair days!

4. The Snake Braids

This is a simple cornrow hairstyle but with a twist, quite literally. This hairstyle looks quite attractive and snazzy. But it’s surprisingly simple to do if you are used to keeping your hair in cornrows. Here’s how:

Step 1: Creating the right type of sections is important for this hairstyle. Instead of sectioning your hair straight in the usual manner, they need to be sectioned in a curvy or wavy way, just like a snake.

Step 2: Once the wavy sectioning is done, start creating rows of tight cornrows. Start from the front hairline, work around your scalp, and wind the braid down to the other side.

Step 3: Finish all the cornrow braids and bring all of them on one side. Fasten with a rubber band.

You can also add golden beads or embellishments to give it a stylish look.

5. The Ghana Braid Bun

If you are looking for a classy and professional look which is easy to create, then what better than a classic bun. But, combining a braid and a bun? Surprised? Well, then don’t be because it is very much possible with amazing results. You can achieve the look this way:

Step 1: Create two neat sections of your hair. Hold one section in place with a big clip or clutch.

Step 2: Start cornrow braiding on one side from the front hairline. Begin from the point where your partition starts, take it around the edges of your head, behind the ears, and end it somewhere in the middle at the back. Braid the remaining hair into a plait and fasten with a rubber band. Let it hang in for a while.

Step 3: Now, start cornrow braiding on the other side of your head as well. Bring the cornrow braid behind to the same point where the first one ended.

Step 4: To create the bun, take the second braid and wind it around the first braid at the base of your neck. Hold it in place with bobby pins. Now, take the first braid which is at the center of the bun and wind it around the periphery of the bun created by the second braid. Fasten the ends with a bobby pin.

If you have short hair, you can still create this style. Simply add extensions to your hair while creating the cornrows.

6. Thick And Thin Feed-In Ghana Braids

Another simple braided look with a stylish twist just like the snake braid. They look amazing as a standalone style, but can also be enhanced with embellishments or colored extensions. Here’s how you can get this look:

Step 1: Divide your hair into alternate thick and thin sections. The thin sections should not be more than a centimeter. The thick ones can be up to 1.5 to 2 inches.

Step 2: Create a common starting point for all your cornrow braids. For instance, they can start from either of the temples or right from the middle of your hair. However, starting at the sides will give you an edgy look.

Step 3: Suppose you are starting from the right temple. Create wavy sections starting from the right temple and ending at the base of the opposite side, preferably a little below the left ear lobe. Clip all the sections separately.

Step 4: Now begin with either a thin or a thick cornrow from one end and go up to the base of the ear lobe on the opposite side. From here, braid the remaining hair into a plait. Keep creating alternating thick and thin braids.

Step 5: As the number of plaits increase, use a bigger clip to hold them on the side. Once the last braid is plaited, hold all of them together like a side ponytail. Wind it with a shiny rubber band. You can also go with a floral one for a summery feel.

You can add tiny trinkets like stars or golden pins inside the braid stitches. You can use colored hair extensions in various ways for this hairstyle. Use a specific hair color extension for the thick braids and leave the alternating thin braids as it is to give a stylish edge to this hairstyle.

There are many other ways to braid your black hair. However, these basic and simple ones act as a foundation hairstyle on which you can create further styles. Hairstyles like braided hair high bun or twisted braid updo are some of the examples. You can also tie your braided ponytail in various ways and directions to give a twist to simple braided hairstyles.

Using colorful hair extensions, embellishments, and various tiny clips in your braids will give an edge to these hairstyles. But no matter how you choose to wear your braids, we are sure you’ll rock them anyway!