How To Blowout On Hair?

How To Blowout On Hair?

blowout on hair

Picture this: you’re getting ready for a night out with friends or the long-awaited dinner date with someone special. Everything from your outfit to your footwear is perfect for the occasion. Yet, you find something doesn’t fit. It’s your hairstyle, of course! We often neglect our hairstyle when we are headed out because we think it’s a time-consuming process. Or simply because we didn’t get that appointment at the parlor. If these are the reasons for giving hairstyling a miss, then don’t! Because we have just the right fix for your problem. With a few handy tips and a good blow dryer at home, you give yourself a blowout hairstyle and transform your look in minutes. That too in the comfort of your home. So, let’s cut to the chase and dive right into it:

Things You’ll Need

Before you start trying a blowout on your hair, it makes sense to keep some necessary stuff close to you. You might require a few styling products too depending on the type and length of your hair. However, the ones listed here are the basics for all types of hair. These are a few things you’ll need:

1. A good quality hair dryer (of course!)

2. A few hair clips to hold your hair in sections

3. Hairbrush (according to the length of your hair)

4. Leave-in hair serum

5. Hair spray (optional)

6. Water spray bottle (optional)

Now that you have all these things with you, the next step would be to decide what kind of style you wish to go for.

Here, we suggest a few easy-to-do blowout hairstyles depending on your hair length:

1. Blowout for Short Hair

Short hair is easy to carry and low-maintenance. However, these very qualities at times make women neglect styling them. The result – they come across as carrying the same look at all occasions even though they experiment with their outfit and makeup. Of course, streaking and coloring can liven things up a bit. But even these experiments can fall flat if not styled in the right way. Thus, a blowout can do wonders for short hair as well for those special occasions. Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1: First, apply some heat-protecting leave-in serum in your damp hair. Begin from near your roots to the tips. If you have fine hair, just apply to the tips.

Step 2: Section a few hairs from behind and clip them up at the crown area. You can section them the way you wish. Now, using a flat brush, start blow-drying the hair behind using forward strokes. Once you are done, gradually let down the hair on the sides, one side at a time. Blow-dry the hair on either of the sides with similar forward strokes.

Step 3: Now, section out the bangs and clip back the remaining hair on the crown. Blow-dry the bangs according to the style you wish – front straight or on the sides. Then remove the clip and blow-dry the hair on top with swift backward strokes to give them a fluffy look.

Step 4: For an edgy effect, you can dab your fingers in some styling gel and stroke them on your bangs. Ta-Da! You’re ready!

For blow-drying short hair, a flat brush made of nylon bristles and a good grip is ideal.

2. Blowout for Medium Hair

The good thing about medium length hair is that they can be styled to give a long-hair look or short-hair look. Give them a straight blow-dry and it’ll easily give an impression of long, silky hair. Curl them in tight or loose waves to give a short or glamorous twist to your look. But the basic steps of styling remain the same.

Here is a step by step guide for doing a blowout to your medium hair:

Step 1: Start by spraying some hair volumizer at the roots of your hair while it is still wet. This gives body to your hair, especially for fine hair. Then apply some leave-in conditioner to the tips to minimize the damage from heat.

Step 2: If you have bangs, then start with blow-drying them first. Use a big round roller brush. Aim the nozzle of the hairdryer on the ends of your bangs while holding them in the brush. Once done, just brush then aside lightly with your fingers.

Step 3: Dry your hair lightly without the brush until your hair is nearly 90% dry. Now, section your hair randomly. Clip them on the crown area. Start with the sections behind. Keep your hairbrush taut when you aim the nozzle closer to the ends. Do the same on the side sections as well.

Step 4: Now, take off the clip on the top. Grab the entire section of hair with the roller brush. Dry the entire chunk all at once while pointing the nozzle tilted from bottom to top. Keep your hair straight up and taut. This will give a good volume to your hair when you let it down. This locks in the lift too.

And, you’re done. After finishing, use your fingers to set your hair and bangs the way you want to. The ideal brush for blow-drying medium length hair would be a broad boar brush with nylon bristles. This type of brush gives a neat, frizz-free look to your blowout.

3. Blowout for Long Hair

Most people think that styling long hair is tough. But that isn’t the case. Getting the good blow-out for long hair can be as simple as that of the other two lengths of the hair mentioned above. One important thing to remember is to avoid wearing long earrings while trying a blow-out for long hair since the hair can get entangled in them. Just style your hair first and put on your accessories later.

Here’s how you can do a blow-out for your long hair:

Step 1: Apply some leave-in shine serum to the tips of your towel-dried hair. Now, using the hairdryer, dry most of your hair without the help of the brush.

Step 2: Now, create several sections of hair and clip them on top. Start with the section on the lower backside first. Wind the small section of hair around the ceramic roller brush. Aim the nozzle closer to the brush and blow-dry this section. Gradually unravel your hair from the brush. Keep the brush in a vertical position while unraveling and use circular motions to get your hair out of the brush. This way, your hair will not get caught in the brush and your hair will also fall in lovely curls. Use this method to unravel the rest of your hair.

Step 3: Once you are done with the hair on the back, then proceed with those on the sides. Finally, blow-dry the hair on top, one section at a time.

Step 4: After your hair is dry and all sides have been covered, bend down and flip your hair over. With a texturizing spray, mist the underside of your hair. Gently massage it into the roots using your fingers and then flip your hair back up again. This gives volume and bounce to your look. Once you’ve flipped your hair over, use your fingers to comb your hair in place.

Bingo! You’ve done it! No one will be able to tell that you’ve done it at home, all by yourself. You can now wear accessories and head out. Make sure not to use a comb to set your hair again as it can flatten out the bounce effect. Your fingers should be enough to set your hair throughout the night. For a long hair blow-out, using a round ceramic-core brush is ideal. The ceramic core of this kind of brush heats up and acts almost like a curling iron, helping you achieve stunning blow-out results.

A good blow-out hairstyle can add a dose of glamour to your personality. While using the right products is necessary for a blow-out, it can only get better if your hair is healthy too.

How to maintain the blowout on your longer and healthier

1. Use a silk/satin pillowcase:

Sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase will reduce the friction when you turn in your sleep. This also helps to keep your hair frizz-free and soft.

2. Avoid using strong-hold hairspray products:

Use light styling products so there are fewer chances of hair damage. If you wish your blow-out to give you volume, use a light shampoo and conditioner instead of intense moisturizing ones. This will give your hair a lift since light shampoos and conditioners will not weigh down your hair.

3. Before Wash

To minimize damage by heat, wash your hair at least an hour before you start the blow-out. This will give you enough time to air-dry your hair instead of blazing them under the hairdryer.

To give your blow-out an extra lift, make sure you give a lift to the hair in the crown area. To do so, blow-dry the crown hair in small sections. Hold them up straight. Bring the hairdryer nozzle near the roots and then proceed toward the ends of the hair section.

As you can see, getting a salon-like blow-out at home isn’t that difficult. However, have realistic expectations from yourself. Don’t expect a great finish at the very first attempt. With some practice and lots of patience, you’ll soon be able to style your hair with a blow-out like a pro soon.

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