Argan Oil For Hair: Everything You Need To Know

argan oil

If you are someone who is yearning for Rapunzel like tresses, then you may want to level up your hair game. While I truly understand that a weekly TLC might not be on the cards for you, you must start taking small steps for good hair. After all, the stress along with heaps of coffee you consume takes a toll on your hair. Now before you send your mind into a frenzy and start thinking about the various products to cake on your scalp for good hair let me give you the easiest solution; argan oil. 

Argan oil can be proudly called the specialty of Morocco and is extracted from argan tree’s kernels which happen to be high in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and are also rich in antioxidants. Now, what more would we look for in an oil? 

Argan Oil Benefits for Hair


1. Reverse the clock :

To be honest we all have used heat on our hairs to style them beautifully at some point in our lives. Though a little heat is not much harmful, excessive and frequent use of heating products can damage hair to make them lifeless and may even lead to hairfall. If you find yourself in a ‘OMG! How do i save my hairs now?’, fret not we have got you covered. A regular use of some argan oil on your scalp and hair strands is enough to induce life in them. So go ahead give it a try but remember to limit the heat.

2. No more lifeless hair :

Frizzy dull hairs are a result of unhydrated hairs, they lack moisture. It makes hair loose its shine. Not only is it not a good sight, such a condition eventually leads to hair fall.  While hair fall isn’t a disease, the feeling of seeing broken strands on the brush can overwhelm anyone. Argan oil works as a great natural conditioner and provides your dry scalp with enough hydration to make your hair smooth and shiny again.

3. Goodbye Flaky And Itchy Scalp :

Those pesky white flakes can be very hard to get rid of add a pinch of itch to it and it can be summed up to a major embarrassment and add on a hectic schedule to it, a headache for sure! Argan oil can help you fight them. Applying argan oil twice a week for a couple of hours can help you get rid of them.

Pro tip- cover your hair with a shower cap if you plan to leave the oil overnight. This will not only protect your pillowcase but the heat produced inside the cap will help the oil penetrate better.

4. Pool Water? Worry Not :

Well, most of us are aware of the fact that cholrineIf you happen to be someone who loves swimming then I guess you must be aware of the negative impacts of pool water. Now leaving swimming just to keep your hair protected isn’t a very practical idea but taking care of your hair with argan oil is surely one. After swimming just apply argan oil on your scalp and massage it for five to ten minutes before washing it off with a shampoo of your choice.

5. Bye Bye Hair Fall :

If anything around you has caused your hair to fall then you must add argan oil in your weekly hair TLC session to prevent it. Nearly 40 percent of women in America experience hair loss at some point in their life. Argan oil ensures that the number of hair follicles you lose don’t exceed the number you can grow. This keeps a balanced system and ensures that your luscious locks don’t fall off. 

6. Hairs Sunscreen : 

While a healthy tan might be on top of the list of priorities you wouldn’t want to trade good hair for good skin. In case you are planning to go outside in the sun then make sure you apply argan oil on your scalp and massage it thoroughly. You could braid your hair afterward to protect the moisture and to make it look chic.

How to use Argan Oil?

You can use Argan oil in two ways. You can either use it in pure oil form or as an ingredient in hair products. Whereas, indirect use refers to opting for haircare products like shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, etc. which contain argan oil in them. I personally prefer the direct way since it is natural and more effective as compared to using it indirectly. 

How to choose argan oil?

There are an array of options out there when it comes to Argan Oil but you must adhere to these basic rules before buying one to ensure you are purchasing the authentic product. 

1. Avoid Plastic Bottles

While this might be the motto of most of the people to save the earth. You during choosing argan oil should also follow this. Argan oil should always be stored in dark-colored glass bottles and not in transparent plastic bottles to protect it from the light. Since exposure to light can damage and kill many benefits of the oil. 

2. Check The Ingredients List –

Make sure that you read the ingredients list. What you are looking for is 100% pure argan oil and thus it should be free of any preservatives, fragrances or any other substance. There should only be one ingredient on the back. Do not shell your money on any product which claims to be infused with argan oil. 

3. Cosmetic Grade Oil-

If you plan to use the oil only for your body and hair then look for cosmetic grade oil since it is not roasted. But in case you want to go overboard with argan oil and try everything with it then you choose anything which pleases your eye. Make sure you do your research before buying the oil and not get confused between Moroccan oil and argan oil since these two are a bit different. 

4. Certified Stores-

Unless you are planning to go to Morocco to extract the argan oil yourself don’t buy it from any other random vendor or website. Make sure you look for relevant stickers and buy it from a well-known brand than a shady one. 

DIY Argan Oil Hair Mask: 

The easiest way to use argan oil is by applying it directly on your scalp but if you are looking for some new ways to inculcate it in your hair regime then start by making an argan oil hair mask. 

This hair mask is very easy and is going to satisfy you with the results.

All you need are a couple of common ingredients: 

  • Coconut oil
  • Argan oil
  • Shea butter 

Mix these three ingredients in equal quantities (depending upon the length of your hair) and apply the concoction on your roots thoroughly and along the length of your hair. Leave it for a few hours before washing it off with water. Use your regular shampoo to get rid of the oil from the scalp. 

This hair mask is going to leave your hair deeply moisturized and will give your hairs a spa-like shine and fragrance of Shea butter will make you smell heavenly.