So, you know how to take care of your skin and your hair, but what about when you combine the two? That’s exactly what you’re dealing with when it comes to facial hair. Sadly, caring for facial hair isn’t quite as simple as mixing your shampoo with your serum; beards and mustaches have needed their own attention and care. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a gym person wanting to show off your hard-won pecs, a cyclist who needs to maintain a pair of aerodynamic pins, or you just hate hairy shoulders, chances are you’ll have dabbled in body hair removal at some point. And if you have, you’re not alone. In fact, according to a survey, 62 percent of men now manscape regularly. They think it makes them feel cleaner and enhances the appearance of their muscles.

1. Shaving


  • Don’t attempt to shave any hard-to-reach places yourself. It won’t be good for your skin and body.

  • Shave in the shower – the steam and hot water will plump up the hair shafts making them softer and easier to cut.

  • As you would when shaving your face, use plenty of shaving gel or cream and always shave with the direction of hair growth.

  • To make shaving easier try to trim your hair back as much as you can first by using hair clippers, beard trimmer, or a body hair groomer.

  • Minimize the risk of ingrown hairs by exfoliating skin with a body scrub twice a week afterward.

  • To soothe skin, use a post-shave balm afterward like you would on your face. 

  • For a more natural look, you can also try to trim your body hair. You can use a body hair trimmer instead of shaving it.


  • It can be said as one of the easiest ways of hair removal methods.

  • No need for a great degree of skill either.

  • You can shave your chin, then you can shave your chest too.


  • itchy regrowth.

  • developing unsightly and painful ingrown hairs.

  • within a few days, you’ll be left with stomach, chest, or shoulder stubble.

2. Depilatory Creams



  • Do a patch test on the inside of your arm first to see if you’re sensitive to any of the cream’s ingredients.

  • Always follow the instructions to the letter! And don’t use it in your nether regions.

  • Make sure you rinse skin thoroughly with plenty of cool water afterward.

  • Follow the same methods or procedures as you would if you were waxing your body hair.

  • Try to wear some cool and loose clothing for 24 hours after using the method.

  • Avoid getting overly hot and sweaty.

  • Use an antibacterial spray to fend off breakouts.


  • Easy to apply and wash off

  • unwanted hair weakened at the root level by the chemicals in the cream and simply falls away.

  • useful for areas like the shoulders that can be hard to reach with a razor

  • Good for chests, armpits, and legs, too.


  • results aren’t as long-lasting as with waxing.

  • creams can also leave skin spotty sometimes

3. Trimming

  • Always try to trim your facial hair after you take a shower and supposedly when your beard is fully dry.  This is beneficial since after shower your hair tends to be hydrated. This makes it easier to trim and cut and helps to give a better idea of how will you look once it’s trimmed.
  • Don’t forget to brush out your beard as much as you can before starting to trim. Brushing the facial hair will detangle knots and help to set your beard for optimal trimming and grooming.
  • For the best trimming, pull your skin taut and trim in a sweeping motion away from your face.
  • Do remember that, there is no undo button if you fall on bad trimming. So try to start trimming with a longer guide comb for better control length. If you are opting for the best styling, try to trim your beard shorter on the area of your cheeks and neck. Also, keep the hair longer on your chin to create a kind of fade.
  • After you are done with trimming your facial hair, gently brush your mustache hair to downward and remove the guide comb you used to buzz the extra hairs that extend over your lip area.
  • If it is highly necessary than follow up with scissors to trim and groom any stragglers head-on.
  • Always keep a nourishing and hydrating beard oil in your grooming kit. Try using the beard oil after the trim so that your beard is soft and healthy. These lightweight oils help keep moisture in your beard hair and skin to soften and maintain unruly beards and mustaches.


  • It proves to be faster and less painful than waxing.

  • less chance of irritation and ingrown hairs too.


  • Less popular than waxing.


4. Laser Hair Removal

  • Ensure the therapist conducts a patch test first to see if you have any sensitivity to the procedure.

  • Don’t have laser treatment if you have a recent tan as the lasers can sometimes target the pigment cells in your skin.

  • For the best results, don’t skip appointments during the course of treatment.

  • Try avoiding hot showers, chlorine, baths and scented body products. Don’t use or wear tight clothing for 24 hours. It will help to reduce the chance of irritation after the treatment.


  • one of the longest-lasting solutions.

  • Especially good for the back, shoulders, neck or buttocks.


  • Time-consuming.

  • expensive and best done by a professional.

  • several separate treatments, over a period of month