Hottest hair trend you need to follow

Hottest hair trend
Hottest hair trend

All You Need To Know About The Haircut Of The Year

Make way for the one-size-fits-all of haircuts– the glorious Ivy League. You have seen this haircut everywhere- from your favourite celebs to that cute guy in the gym, this haircut sure works wonders on every face, whatever may be the cut, colour, type and shape. When it comes to achieving a sleek and stylish look, we bet there’s no better hairstyle than an Ivy League.

What is it?

Also known as a Princeton cut or Harvard clip, the Ivy League haircut (well, obviously) originated in the American Ivy League schools. It is essentially a more stylish variation of the old crew cut, combined with a side part slick, side swept style. The cut features neatly tapered down sides with a top of around 1.5-2 inches, just long enough to side part

Why get it?

This timeless haircut proves to be versatile by making you look sharp and groomed at boardroom; and trendy and cool at barstool. The low maintainance Ivy League cut can readily give you the dapper look for any occasion. If you’re one always running late in the morning, the textured haircut makes for a quick and easy style without putting too much effort. Apart from exemplifying class, sophistication and professionalism; the cut is great to highlight the masculine facial features, letting out a defined jawline and cheekbones. Also, peeps, a secret between us– it helps hide the receding hairline, too! How. Amazing. Is. That?

How to get it?

Make sure you visit the barbershop with at least 2 inches of grown out hair. Take a picture of the cut you want with you, and ask the stylist to taper the sides, creating a clipper cut.

Being a short haircut, it is actually quite easy to style. Squeeze out some hair product, and using a comb or your fingers, create a side part and brush up. You can even opt to leave the top messy to achieve a messy effortless look.

Show me more!

Need more inspiration to get the cut? We have a line up of some of the best men rocking the Ivy League, right here– scroll and drool or scroll and roll?

1. Ryan Reynold’s Classic Brushed Up Ivy League cut

Ryan Reynplds
Image Source :

2. Zayn Malik’s Undercut Taper Fade Ivy League

Zayn Malik
Image Source :

3. Sleek Side-swept Long Ivy League

Adam Lambert
Image Source :

4. Short Tapered Sides with a Messy Top

Frank Grillo
Image Source :

5. Curly Ivy League Hairstyle and Scruff

Jimmy Butler
Image Source :

6. Short & Spiked textured hair Ivy

David Beckham
Image Source :

7. Smooth and straight Asian Hair Ivy

Zhao lei
Image Source :

8. The Hard Part with Taper fade

Image Source :

9. Liam Payne’s Low Taper fade

liam payne
Image Source :

10. The Skin Fade Ivy League Haircut

liam payne
Image Source :

11. Messy Scruff for Receding Hairline

ryan reynolds
Image Source :

What are you waiting for? Go, jump into 2019 with the charming Ivy League cut and who knows? You might secure a spot on this *esteemed* list!

Jenifer Anniston Hairstyles – The Best Of All Times

Jeniffer Aniston

Top 5 Times Jenifer Anniston Made Our Hearts Swoon With Her Hairstyles

When you try to think of the most amazing hairstyle carried by Jennifer Anniston, the first image that crosses your mind is ‘The Rachel’. It is an undefeated winner and yet I’m going to snub it from my list. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love her iconic hairdo of ‘The Rachel’ from FRIENDS. I know it was one of the hardest hairstyles that one could pull off. But there is not a shadow of doubt in the fact that we don’t give her enough credit for all the different hairstyles that she has single-handedly pulled off with such ease. Another reason why I decided to not put it on my list was because Jennifer Anniston herself seemed to hate it.

1. Ponytails

Let’s rewind our clocks back to 1998 when Jennifer Anniston carried this interesting and equally intricate hairdo comprising of various little ponytails at the premiere of the object of my affection. 

Jenifer Anniston Hairstyles
Image Source :

2. The Modern Medusa Hairstyle

The modern medusa hairdo as I like to call it. We all know that tousled hair can be a bit of a challenge to carry and yet again she proved there is nothing she cannot do. You too can easily flaunt this hairstyle by adding on some Hair Extensions.

Jeniffer Aniston
Image Source :

3. The Pony Flip

while you thought most of the celebrities would want to avoid a boring ponytail at a red carpet event, Jennifer Anniston rocked this look. Not only she looked like the epitome of a classy woman but also proved how drop dead gorgeous she is even with a minimalistic hairstyle.

jeniffer aniston
Image Source :

4. Got the buns Hun

The way  she looks in a bun is exactly the way I want to look when I make a bun. While I thought buns needed to look more complicated in order to win the approval of people I was completely taken aback when I saw her carry this plain and simple bun at an award show.

Jeniffer Aniston
Image Source :

5. Awkward curly bob

while I was scrolling through the never-ending timeline describing the hairstyles she has rocked. I was wondering if there was anything no one would look good in except for her. And Alas! I found it. There it was a picture of her in a hairstyle that wouldn’t suit a single person on the face of this planet but her. I cannot even fathom the possibility of her not being able to carry any hairstyle.

Jeniffer Anniston
Image Source :

Is there any hairstyle she cannot carry? Are there awards for swooning us over the past years with her amazing hairstyles?  Can we thank her hairstylist for doing such an amazing job?

Best Hairstyles From TV Shows

Claire Underwood

10 Raddest Hairstyles Seen On TV In The Last Decade

TV shows with strong female characters hold a special place in our hearts– so does great hair. Aren’t our hearts still obsessed with Jennifer’s hair from Friends.  Here are ten small screen iconic ladies with next-level ‘dos we love and want to copyright this moment!

1. Robin Wright's Polished Pixie on House of Cards

best hairstyles from tv shows
image source:

Ya’ll can agree that in House of Cards, Claire Underwood’s hair has been a character of its own. From blonde to brown and from pixie to a bit of a shag, the hair is apt for a woman President and gives out major don’t-fuck-with-me vibes. The blonde, blunt bob that hit right at the jawline spoke volumes of power and style. They’re structured and striking, but also so simple and understated. We need!

2. Beth Pearson’s Natural Hair On This Is Us

Beth Pearson
image source:

Beth Pearson is truly a Black Queen and her natural hair on This Is Us is proof! Beth showcases an array of beautiful natural hairstyles ranging from stunning box braids to a spectacular afro that works in perfect harmony with her steely character.

Actress Susan Kalechi Watson pays tribute to all black women by smashing the old American standards of beauty and showing that women of all ages and color can do beautiful things with their hair. Totally diggin’ it!

3. Blair Waldorf’s Headbands from Gossip Girl

Leighton Meester
(image source:

If you’re a sucker of Gossip Girl like us, you’ll know that Queen B had a headband for every occasion. None of the iconic Waldorf looks are complete without this perfect hair accessory. We all fell in love with the uptight, intelligent, perfectionist mastermind who could cut down enemies with sass and wit. And man, could the girl wear a headband. Blair amazingly worked hairbands from her school uniform to runway couture and even her wedding gown!

4. Peggy Carter’s pin curls from Agent Carter

Peggy Carter
(image source:

Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter plays a brilliant 1940s spy who kicks ass and also deals with sexism from her male colleagues while she’s at it. Apart from Agent Carter’s fierce character, which also stands out in the show are her very popular curls. Also called as the ‘flapper’, this finger wave and pin curls hairdo regained it’s popularity after the ’30s, thanks to Peggy Carter!

5. Daenerys Targaryen’s braids on 'Game of Thrones'

Game of thrones
(image source:

No hairstyle listicle can ever be complete without the Mother of Dragons. Game of Thrones showed us some real hair fantasy with Daenerys and her long platinum locks with intricate plaits and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that she conquered more hearts than kingdoms, acing the braid game each time she appeared on screen! Although, we know it’s a wig, who doesn’t want Khaleesi’s wondrous blonde hair!

6. Penny’s blonde evolution from The Big Bang Theory

(image source:


We all love the chirpy girl-next-door of TV- Penny! But if there is something the viewers love more than Penny and her antiques, it’s the varied types of hairdos she’s seen sporting on the show. From lobs to bobs, Pixies to layers, buns to bangs and curls to straight down– Kaley Cuoco as Penny has done it and owned it all! Penny’s hair journey on The Big Bang Theory has been a perfect ten and it’s time they get a season of their own.

7. Prudence Blackwood’s fierce waves on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Love her or hate her but you absolutely can not ignore her. We first met Prudence, played by Tati Gabrielle, as the vicious and cunning leader of Weird Sisters on the Netflix hit Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Apart from the many layers to her complex character, we also applaud the experimental and refreshing hairdo with the black hair.

8. Jane’s natural beachy waves from Jane The Virgin

Gina Rodriguez
(image source:

Alive and fun- are the two words to describe Jane Villanueva. Much like Jane herself, her hair on the show is also kept very natural, busy, no fuss and full of life. The natural and wavy curls go perfectly in sync with the character’s busy schedule, making Jane appear real and relatable. Gina Rodriguez’s short beachy waves are one effortless ‘do we could never have a bad day with.

9. Jessica Pearson’s polished blowdry in Suits

Gina Torres
(image source:

There is no doubt that Boss lady Jessica Pearson has an enviable style. From the power dresses to her immaculately blow dried hair, Jessica exudes style and confidence in every frame. Gina Torres in Suits plays a cool and calculating attorney who holds down her empire and makes sure not a strand of hair is out of place while she’s at it.

10. Mrs. Maisel’s roller curls on Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Rachel Brosnahan
(image source:

One needs to thank Midge Maisel for reintroducing us to the 1950s beauty trends. We see Rachel Brosnahan as Midge Maisel trying her hand at stand-up comedy in a dominantly patriarchal world while rocking various outfits and looks throughout the show, but one thing remains constant- her signature hairstyle. Midge’s era-appropriate roller curled short hair is forever perfectly coiffed and polished, matching her sophisticated image but also complimenting her quirky personality.

Facial Hair Removal Creams – All You Need To Know

Space bun
Space bun

If you are someone who likes to keep facial hair at bay, then I guess you must be well aware of the never-ending merry-go-round between waxing and epilating. However, if you are someone who is having a difficult time in deciding how exactly you want to get rid of your lady stubble then facial hair removal creams are the best option to avoid any torture.

However, is facial hair removal cream the best alternative out there? 

Facial hair removal creams aka depilatory creams can be found in the nooks and corner of any departmental store. However, before diving in for a hair-free experience, you must weigh down the pros and cons before choosing the best option for you. 

Benefits of Depilatory Creams


1. Not a torture chamber –

we’ve often heard the saying ‘no pain no gain’ but trust me it’s redundant when it comes to hair removal creams. If you are someone who gets a shiver down the spine when you think of the painful process of hair removing then depilatory creams are your best bid.

2. Nothing complicated –

Waxing and shaving have a lot of rules; you cannot pull too hard, you must remove against the growth, you must not be sweaty, and as compared to these complicated rules hair removal creams look like a cakewalk.

You don’t have to worry much about the process except just the time it stays on your skin.

3. Your Go-To Product –

If you are someone who struggles with time management and don’t seem to have a lot of time in hand; then the best way out is depilatory creams.

You no longer have to worry about booking a prior appointment at the nearest salon or about getting changing the razor blades.

4. Lasts longer than shaving –

Remember that pesky hair that keeps poking your face? Well, you no longer have to worry about it if you opt for a hair removing cream.

Many women try to take the road less traveled by shaving to avoid pain. But hair grows faster once you shave that.

And that is why depilatory creams look like a better option if you want the results to last longer. Moreover, it is a sure-shot way to avoid razor bumps on your sensitive skin.

5. Affordable –

Even if a particular brand doesn’t suit you; you can always switch it without worrying about the price. Most of the creams range between $3-$15. So depending upon the money you want to shell out you can get a good cream for a pretty decent price.

This is way more affordable than changing blades after every other use or booking appointments at the parlor.
Smooth finish- the outcome of hair removing cream is way more satisfying than shaving. It gives a tough competition to waxing as well.

Depilatory creams ensure a silky finish on the skin since it removes the hair from below the surface, unlike shaving which includes removing it from the surface only.
A plethora to choose from- there are so many brands to choose from.

You don’t have to worry about any component not suiting your skin since you can always find a better option. With the increase in demands for the hair removing creams, there are so many options at your disposal.

Choosing the perfect cream for your skin can be a mammoth task and if not done carefully then can also lead to repercussions. I’m going to list some really affordable depilatory creams below which you can opt for.

These creams happened to work fine for me but try to use my list for a rough idea and choose what would suit your skin the most.

The Best Facial Removal Creams - Our Picks

1.  Olay facial hair removal duo $15

2. Sally Hansen cream hair removal $6.99

3. Nair hair removal face cream $3.68

4. Gigi hair removal cream $9.77

Pro tip– always do the patch test. Before applying the cream on your face, it’s always recommended to use it on your arm. If you feel a tingling or burning sensation, then you are allergic to the cream. This saves you from the risk of exposing your skin to harmful chemicals.

Dorothy Hamill Hairstyles

Doorothy Hmill

Dorothy Approved - Short & Sassy With A Touch of Classy

The iconic Dorothy Hamill is remembered for winning a gold medal for the USA in the Women’s Figure skating competition at the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria. This historic win made her an overnight star. But it wasn’t just the gold she won, she also won hearts around the world for her classy and chic hairstyle– The Dorothy, which became an integral part of the 70’s pop culture.

Dorothy Hamill Hairstyles
(image source:

Not many know this, but Dorothy actually got the haircut a night before she left for the big game to keep hair away from her face by famed Japanese hairstylist, Yusuke Suga. Suga worked his magic on her naturally thick and straight hair to give her a wedge cut which moved and flowed freely as she glided on her skates.

dorothy hamill
(image source:

The hairstyle gained immense popularity for its easy to carry and low-fuss perks. The effortless yet evergreen hairstyle which could be worn with middle or side part, became a total rage amongst women of all ages. Women all over wanted to get their hair shingled and get the Dorothy!

But the famous ice-skater did not stop there. She led the way and gave rise to many short hairstyles, including chic and sporty bobs, pixies, and more.

dorothy hamill
(image source:

We’ve some of the uber cool short ‘dos worn by Dorothy over the years, in case you need inspiration for an age-appropriate and low maintainence cut. (Scroll down more to see how to achieve the look!)

1. Free Flow

Relatively longer and layered, this Dorothy Hamill hairstyle, with soft textured ends gives a beautiful free-spirited look to the famed Olympic gold-medalist.

Dorothy hamill
(image source:

2. Sporty meets Sophistication

The Dorothy, essentially a wedge cut with layers and bangs, looks cool and classy on the figure skater.

Dorothy hamill
(image source:

3. Back in the day

This old picture of Dorothy Hamill proves she’s been a sucker for short ‘dos even in her youthful days. Her innocence and bubbly nature is personified through the bounce in the cut.

Doorothy hamill
(image source:

4. The Dorothy Pixie

Looking every inch a personality, this wedge with a side parting gives Dorothy a youthful and radiant look.

Doorothy Hmill
(image source:

5. Hottie At Forty

Despite the years, Dorothy can never look old or boring, all thanks to her youthful and flamboyant hairstyle.

Sasha Cohen
(image source:

Are you too digging the Dorothy? Can’t wait to get the cut for yourself? We’re here to guide you on how to get the perfect Dorothy cut and get sorted for life. 

Grab the scissors and clips, and let’s get started!

Section the hair, leaving down a 1/2-inch for the bangs. Cut the bangs to the desired length. 

Make sure you also leave some hair from the bottom half inch at the back of the neck. Cut the outline of the bottom edge of the hair cut as desired working first from back to front on one side, then the other. You can then brush your hair to make a centre or a side parting.

 Carefully cut the guide for your weight line, which generally curves from the bangs area to the occipital bone in the back of the head. 

Once the weight line is established, comb out thin vertical slices of the hair and raise the hair to a 90-degree elevation. 

Cut the hair at an angle from the perimeter length to the weight line. Start in the center back and work forward on each side.

 Now, you can either go through these steps to get that cut or just go out and find a hairdresser who knows these instructions. Choice is yours, but go get it!

Hollywood Kids And Their Best Hairstyles

hollywood kid

The Number Of Times Hollywood Baby Girls Swept Us Over Our Feat With Their Hairstyles

In case you happen to be someone who is looking for cute hairstyles for your own baby girl then don’t worry we’ve got you covered. The tinsel town seems to be buzzing all the days of the year because someone or another happens to be the talk of the town with their iconic hairstyle or clothes. But there is someone who never gets enough credit for the way they look, and they are none other than the Hollywood kids. Well, no matter how much we envy the lives of the Hollywood babies I must add that being one is not an easy job. With the paparazzi following everywhere you go and recording every tantrum you throw, trust me it’s very easy to get anxious. 

Today, I have prepared the list of the best hairstyles carried by some very famous Hollywood baby girls, ladies get ready to take down some notes! 


1. Stormi Webster Jenner

My list cannot begin without mentioning any kid from the Kar-Jenner clan. We all know how Stormi is ruling on the internet and breaking records on Instagram every other day. Kylie a couple of months back shared a story of how she does Stormi’s hair and trust me I was very impressed by it. In case your baby girl has really short and curly hair which are hard to tame then you should definitely go for this cute flower shaped bun. 

hollywood kid
(image source :

2. North west

Like Mother like Daughter. I must admit that I’m in awe of North West and her confidence. Just like Kim, North happens to be a trendsetter too. The best part about North’s hair is how proud she is to have such beautiful curls. It was very hard for me to choose the best hairstyle she has ever carried and yet there was one which topped every single one of them. Remember the time when Kim shared a sneak peek from the kid’s fashion show in her backyard? Well, that voluminous bun looked so amazing.

hollywood kid
(image source :

3. Suri Cruise

Ever since she was a kid she’s been captured by the paparazzi a number of times. One thing that always caught my attention was her colorful bows. Now there were many pictures of Suri with really cute hair accessories and yet this one is my favorite. Her one-sided sleek ponytail topped with a big red bow just wins my heart. 

hollywood kid
(image source :

4. Blue Ivy Carter

The daughter of our Queen bee and Jay-Z. We all know that Beyonce and Jay-Z try there level best to keep their kids away from the limelight so there were not a lot of pictures to choose from and yet I found the perfect hairstyle which made my heart swoon. The picture of Blue Ivy with two pigtails along with a detailed tiara-like hair accessory should be the easiest look to recreate.

hollywood kid
(image source :

5. Harper Seven Beckham

we all remember the twinning moment of the year. This picture of Harper Beckham from London fashion week show where she looks like a mini Anna Wintour sent the internet into a frenzy. And I must admit this hairstyle looks really cute on both Anna and Harper but Harper definitely won this round.

David beckham
(image source :

6. Millie Bobby Brown-

We all know her and adore her. If you have seen Stranger Things, then you must know Eleven (Millie’s character) has really short hair all through the show. Now I know how difficult it can be to carry short hair and to make them look presentable all the time even though there is nothing much you could do. But this hairstyle of Millie, from her short hair days, looks like a piece of art.

Milie bobbie brown
(image source :

7. The Ace Family Girls-

The Ace family now has a double bundle of joy. Elle and Alaia Ace are certainly the cutest sisters of all time. We all have loved the hairstyles that Elle has ever carried but this particular picture with her sister was the biggest aww moment for the Ace family fans. Their flower tiaras are one of the most adorable hair accessories I’ve ever seen.

beautiful bond
(image source :

8. True Thompson-

If you thought that your baby was too small to carry hair accessories then do it the True way! We all know that babies tend to have really fine hair which is difficult to manage and yet mama Koko found a way to make it look chic. This hairstyle was so cool that even Chrissy Teigen happened to recreate it her own way.

hollywood kid
(image source :

9. Mila and Emma Stauffer

You might remember these hilarious twin sisters from your Instagram feed or from the Ellen Show. Now Mila and Emma have become models for their own brand which has just launched at Target. The pictures from their shoot have the perfect and easiest hairstyle for your baby girl.

Hollywood kid
(image source :

10. Penelope Disick-

We see her quite often on her mommy’s and daddy’s Instagram posts. I personally think Penelope has her own unique style and she has really beautiful hair too. This picture of her where she was dressed as a mermaid with a super amazing Dutch braid gives such a Disney princess vibe. Dutch braids not only look very clean and cute but are also pretty easy to recreate.

(image source

11. Royalty Brown-

She has to be one of the most popular baby girls of all time after all her birth was a huge surprise for all the Chris Brown fans everywhere. I know we don’t get to see Royalty Brown often because Chris seems to protect her from the paparazzi most of the time. However, this picture of Royalty where she can be seen embracing those beautiful curls with a simple headband is my favorite.

hollywood kid
(image source :

 I must say all these baby girls have a different kinds of hair and thus it is really important for a person to teach their children self-love and the ability to accept themselves the way they are. I hope this list gave you some of cutest hairstyle ideas which you could try on yourself or on your baby girl.  

Vitamin E for Hair

Dandelion flower

Vitamin E For Hair: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Dandelion flower

If you’ve not been living under a rock you must have surely come across the en vogue of the hair-care industry to inculcate Vitamin E in their products. One can certainly see the sudden increase in the demand of Vitamin E. The way your hair look speaks volumes about your appearance and thus you need to keep your luscious locks on check. If facing hair troubles worry not because we have found the holy grail for your hair; Vitamin E. Vitamin E is one of the most crucial vitamins which is needed by our bodies for the proper functioning of the immune system and other organs. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble compound that consists of tocopherols and tocotrienols together. Vitamin E is an antioxidant as well. All of which form the basis of healthy hairs.

What is an antioxidant?

More often than not we hear the word ‘antioxidant’ yet not many of us know what it exactly means. Antioxidants are the ingredients that slow down and prevent the process of cell damage. Antioxidants can also help you in neutralizing free radicals which are harmful to your body.

Benefits of Vitamin E for your hair

Hair products

We all know that hair fall is no disease yet the number of hair strands we lose each time we brush our hair is worrisome. I personally feel overwhelmed every time I look at my hairbrush and remove my broken hair strands from it. In case you happen to be someone who is equally worried then Vitamin E might be the omnipotent weapon for you.

1. No shades of grey-

Gone are the days when we all had to get our hair colored often in order to hide those pesky grey strands. It’s time to bid adieu to your grey hair and replace them with healthy hair. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and thus it slows down the process of damage on the scalp which helps your hair look forever young without much effort.

2. Goodbye Damage-

A dry scalp is a place where most of the brittle hair resides. If you are someone who is tired of chopping down your hair every fortnight due to split ends, then you might want to consider nourishing your scalp. Applying vitamin E on your scalp might not save your regular trips to the parlor but is surely going to eliminate the dryness and give them a healthy texture.

3. Shiny like Rapunzel-

This goes without saying. Vitamin E, when applied on your scalp, promotes blood circulation. A good circulation on the scalp is the key to shiny and bouncy hair. It also promotes hair growth which means if you’ve been looking for ways to have Rapunzel-like hair then Vitamin E will surely help you out. 

How do I include Vitamin E in my life?

Every time someone asks me how they could impart Vitamin E in their diet my answer is pretty simple ‘you can hardly be deficient of it’. Yes, you heard it right, one cannot easily be deficient of Vitamin E since it is present in most of the things you consume. Yet there are certain foods which are high in Vitamin E as compared to others. Thus, a good healthy balanced diet is sufficed to inculcate Vitamin E in your diet. 

What are the Sources of Vitamin E?

1. Natural sources-

Natural sources are food products which are high in Vitamin E. Food sources like avocados, green leafy veggies, sunflower oil, olive oil, nuts, and peanut butter are some of the richest sources of Vitamin E out there. And thus, if you are someone who is not in a mood to engage in the hassle of buying new hair products or experimentation then natural sources might be the easy way out for you.  

2. Direct sources-

Direct sources are Vitamin E oil and tablets which are mostly available online or at the pharmacy. You could make some very easy hair masks with them.

3. Indirect sources-

Indirect sources are products are the ones which have Vitamin E infused in them like hair masks, shampoos, and conditioners. Now you must remember that not all the products by default will contain Vitamin E in them and you must look for specific products depending upon the needs of your hair.

Who can use Vitamin E for Hair?

I know after knowing the benefits of Vitamin E you might be excited to give it a go and trust me anyone can use Vitamin E yet there are some ground rules that one must follow before trying it. 

1. Patch test-

Patch test is the thumb rule that I follow for any new product. A patch test will look out for any signs of irritation or burning sensation. If everything seems good you can go on-board with your new product. 

2. Skin conditions-

If you have any skin allergies or conditions like psoriasis, eczema or even acne then you must consult your dermatologist before exposing your skin to something new. Once you get a heads up from there you’ll be good to go. 

Too much of anything isn’t the best- while you might wanna try and use every product which contains Vitamin E in hefty amounts please remember not to go overboard with it. For the best results, it’s better for you to use it as per the instructions that are given or to use it in limits. Going overboard might not give you the results you yearn for.

DIY Vitamin E Masks you can try at Home [Plus Readymade Masks]

While the option of using readymade products infused with Vitamin E is always going to be at your disposal in case you are trying to go for more of a natural approach then a DIY Vitamin E mask will do wonders for you. 

1. DIY Vitamin E oil mask

If you have been waiting for a weekend hair TLC then a DIY mask is going to help you relieve all your stress. Stress these days can take a bad toll on your scalp and that is why it is important for you to keep it healthy and nourished all the time. This DIY mask is one of my favorites because not only it takes hardly two minutes to prepare it but all the ingredients are super easy to find online or at the nearest departmental store. All you need is: 

  • 1 tablespoon of honey 
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of Vitamin E oil

Mix the concoction well inside a bowl and apply it evenly from your roots to tips. Once you’ve covered your hair evenly with the mix cover your hair with a shower cap. Leave it on for like 30-40 minutes before rinsing it off with any shampoo of your choice. This mask will not only treat all your dead hair but will also remove any unwanted radicals from your scalp. 

2. DIY Egg and vitamin E hair mask​

  •  Vitamin E oil   
  •   Egg    

Take a bowl. Beat an egg (or  more, as per the length of your hairs) in it. Add one tablespoon of vitamin E oil per egg. mix it well. apply this not so good smelling mask all over your scalp evenly and through the length of your hair. Leave it for 30 mins and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Shampoo your hair with your favorite shampoo ( Your hair might smell of egg so make sure you use a shampoo that smells good). Make sure you rinse your hair with cold water in the end. Rich in protein and biotin, eggs can provide the much needed nourishment and luster you want in damaged tresses. Eggs also prevent hair breakage by conditioning the scalp and increases hair growth too. 

Pro tip- If you are planning to go ahead with Vitamin E the traditional way which is by applying it directly on your scalp, then make sure you don’t use a light color pillow cover and change the covers as soon as you wash your hair. This will not only prevent oil stains but will also keep your skin from absorbing the excessive oil from the cover.

Vitamin E Hair Products worth Trying

Okay, so I know how overwhelming choosing the right product for your hair can be especially if you are absolutely naïve about it. So I’m going to tell you some of my favorite picks of all time: 

  1. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula with Vitamin E Body Lotion 8.5 Oz, ($7.45)
  2. DLC Vitamin E oil, ($8.51)
  3. Vitamin E oil by Kate Blanc, ($11.99)
  4. OGX Healing Plus Vitamin E Penetrating Oil, ($9.49)
Palmer's Vitamin E

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula with Vitamin E Body Lotion 8.5 Oz

  1. No Parabens, Sulfates Or Dyes.
  2. 24 Hour Moisture.
  3. With Vitamin E
  4. Cost – $7.45
  5. Product Link –

Vitamin E Oil by Kate Blanc

  1. Vitamin E Oil for Skin & Face
  2. Heals Wounds
  3. Versatile DIY Ingredient
  4. Cost – $11.99

Product Link –

Kate Blanc Vitamin E
De La Cruz Vitamin E

De La Cruz Vitamin E Oil

  1. No Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Fragrances
  2. Vegan and Not Tested on Animals
  3. Cost – $8.51

Product Link:

OGX Healing + Vitamin E Penetrating Oil

  1. Help Replenish, Hydrate, & Nourish Hair
  2. Protect and Help increase Elasticity
  3. Concentrated with Vitamin E Oil Formula
  4. Cost – $9.49

Product Link:

Ogx penetrating oil

Now, these products have worked just fine for me and I hope they work well for you too. However, you should not be afraid and be ready to experiment with some new products to find the best ones for you as well.  


I completely understand the feeling of being thrilled and giddy to see the results of the product that you have just used. But you must remember good things come to those who wait. The results might not be spontaneous yet eventually, after a couple of uses, you’ll be able to see them. Then it is on you if you want to continue with this new Vitamin E regime or stay miles away from it.

Post-Gym Hair Hacks


Post-Gym Hair Hacks You Need To Start Using Now


An arduous workout followed by a bad hair day seems like a recipe for disaster to me. When it comes to hitting the gym I feel like there are two sides of me; one side which yearns for a fit body and the other side which wants to avoid having dirty sweaty hair all day. Not only I feel disgusted with my own hair all day but my hair ends up looking unkempt because of the fluffiness. 

So every time I’m having this mental battle of whether I should or should not skip my workout, the lazy side of mine ends up prevailing. Because trust me going out anywhere after the workout requires a lot of effort for my hair and at times is simply not worth it. 

Eventually, I realized that skipping my work out altogether wasn’t the brightest idea I came up with. So I started looking for better alternatives to manage my mane from root to tip. Today I am going to discuss some of these really effective post-workout hair hacks that everyone should definitely know about. 

10 Post-Gym Hair Hacks to boast clean hair throughout the day

1. Don't let the locks open-

One of the easiest ways to prevent sweat from entering your scalp is by not letting your hair down. The best hairstyle for a workout is braids. Don’t opt for a ponytail just because it is going to save you a couple of minutes. Braiding your hair is going to hardly take 5-10 minutes and trust me you’ll be very satisfied with the post-workout hair.

Washing them every day is not the key- while I truly understand that feeling of sweat being accumulated on your scalp, washing them every day is just going to deteriorate your hair. Rather wash your hair alternately this will not only keep your scalp clean but also prevent it from getting dry.

2. Not the gym shampoo-

There is a possibility that you have a very posh gym bathroom but without the relevant supplies. That is why I suggest everyone to carry their own shampoo and conditioner and avoid using the one which is kept in the gym washrooms.  This way you are not trying and testing new things on your hair every other day. 

3. Switch to a mild shampoo-

Since you’ll be washing your hair frequently it’s for the best that you switch to a shampoo which is mild. This way you are protecting your hair from becoming dry and frizzy and yet removing all the dirt and oil.

4. Sweatbands-

Many of us have this goal of looking really chic during our workout but in order to achieve healthy hair, we might have to get rid of this dream. Now I know sweatbands are kind of dowdy but they are really good for absorbing sweat around the hairline throughout the workout. The best sweatbands are thick and soft since the tighter ones can leave a trail of sweat which will make your baby hair unruly

5. Hair Mist-

Sweaty workout means smelly hair. While you might be decked up in a lovely scent after a shower, it is very important for you to keep your hair smelling good. I’ve seen many women use regular perfume on their hair to prevent it from smelling like sweat. However, regular perfumes have a high alcohol content which can be very harmful to your hair. Invest in a hair perfume since it not only it contains an amazing fragrance but also contains vitamins which are essential for good hair.

6. The Correct Hair Tie-

It is very important for you to choose a good quality hair tie since it can minimize pulling and creasing of hair on the scalp. We all know how difficult the sweat creases can be to deal with. And that is why it is better for you to opt for a spiral hair tie. Not only spiral hair ties have a decent grip on them but also can be used on any hair type.

7. Dry Shampoo-

Literally a gift sent from heaven! I cannot emphasize enough on how much a dry shampoo is going to save you during your struggle with post-workout hair. But there’s a catch, the best time to use dry shampoo after a workout is when your hair has completely dried up. Many of us in haste end up using dry shampoo on semi-wet hair which does nothing good but simply cake up the product over the sweat. And that is why you have to dry your hair thoroughly before applying the dry shampoo.

8. Mask it-

While masking the hair is mostly the part of the weekly TLC routine for many of us. I personally felt using a mask before the workout is the best way to control your wild hair. If you apply a mask prior to your workout, then the heat you’ll produce during your workout is going to help the mask penetrate deeper into the roots keeping them intact during the workout and shinier post workout.

9. Detangle with care-

Sweaty hair can create a lot of knots in your hair and that is why it is very important to control your urge of yanking and pulling your hair. We all know that wet hair is weaker than dry hair and that is why it can fall more often. It is very important for you to ditch your regular hair brush and buy a detangling hairbrush to prevent hair fall and make the detangling process less painful.

10. Weekly TLC-

In case you happen to be a gym rat (unlike me) then you must ensure that your hair is getting all the nourishment it needs. Take a couple of minutes out on the weekends to apply tea tree oil on your scalp. Tea tree oil has a lot of benefits and can help you unclog the pores and nourish your roots. Tea tree oil can also boost your hair growth making your hair more voluminous and healthy.  

Pro Tip – don’t use tea tree oil directly on your scalp since it is very potent. It is important for you to dilute the tea tree oil with a carrier oil (almond, jojoba, coconut) for the best results.

With that, I hope most of you are left with no excuse to miss your workout sessions and are ready to hit the gym again.

Hiking Hair: The Only Guide You Need

Outddor camp

Manage Hair Like a Pro On Your Next Trek [With Proven Strategies]

Outddor camp

Embarking on your first trek can be very intimidating. One has a lot of questions regarding how to maintain overall hygiene during such trips. One of the most difficult things to take care of which we cannot forgo after intimate hygiene is taking care of your mane. Yes, you heard it right during long treks it can be very difficult for you to take care of your hair and lack of care during such times can not only give you the unpleasant feeling of being unclean but can also damage your hair to a certain extent. Today we are going to discuss all about hair care and steps one must adhere to protect their luscious locks during treks.

10 Strategies to Protect Hair while Trekking

1. Hand sanitizer-

hold your horses before you guys think I’m going to ask you to put this on your scalp. When we go out on treks we tend to touch a lot of things and cannot always find sufficient water to clean our hands with. I’ve seen a lot of people who have a habit of frequently touching their face and their hair and thus, if you are one of them then definitely add a sanitizer on your list. This way you can ensure that you are not touching your hair with dirty hands and avoiding getting extra oil and dirt on the scalp. 

2. Efficient packing-

most of us have a habit of being prepared for the worst situations that one can encounter and thus we love to load ourselves with extra supplies. However, you have to bid adieu to this habit if you are going on a trek. During long treks, you cannot predict when everyone is going to take a break from all the walking and until then you have to carry all your supplies on your shoulders and that is why it is important for you to pack efficiently.

But how exactly is efficient packing related to our hair?

Well, packing efficiently also includes carrying sample bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I’ve come across many people who decided to ditch taking shampoos and conditioners on their trek because it was difficult to fit everything and would make the bag pack heavier. And that is why I recommend carrying sample bottles or pouches of shampoo and conditioner since not only they are easy to fit but also have a negligible amount of weight.

3. Nothing better than French-

one of the best ways to protect your long tresses is by tying them up in a French braid. A French braid starts from a very small portion of your scalp and ends like a regular braid which keeps your hair intact and prevents any dust or dirt from entering your scalp. In case you have short hair then try going for a small bun. Avoid keeping your hair open in most of the situations to keep your hair from getting frizzy and oily.

4. Hair ties and hair ties-

I cannot put enough stress on this point. Always carry your hair ties with you. And if you are going to make excuses on how difficult it is to carry hair supplies during a trek then let me give you an easy way out; carry your hair ties on your arm. Most of us have this habit of wearing our hair ties on our sleeves anyway so it’s a very easy option and can be very helpful too since you never know when your hair tie might break or get lost. 

Ps. Try and avoid hair ties which can snap easily and opt for the ones which are more durable.

5. All heroes wear caps-

so, all in all, you get a fair idea of how important it is to keep our hair intact and not let it loose open in the wild. One of the most efficient ways which work on people with all sorts of hair be it long or short is wearing caps. Not only it looks quirky but is also the best way to protect the hair from sunlight or water. Continuous exposure to sunlight or water can make your hair damaged and frizzy and that is why caps seem to be the best option around.  You can even switch to a scarf or a bandana around your head till the time it does the work.

6. Goodbye to the routine-

when we wash our hair regularly it gets accustomed to a certain routine. I personally crave to wash my hair every 3 days. But one of the best ways to take care of your hair during a long trek is by not following your routine. Try and increase the intervals in which you wash your hair since that will make your hair accustomed to a new routine and will prevent your hair from being exposed to different types of water.

7. Comb it down-

if anytime during the trek you opt for the herculean task of washing your hair then make sure you pat your hair dry and comb it. In case your laziness kicks in and you avoid combing your hair then remember you will end up having dreads which aren’t the easiest thing to deal with. And when after some time you’ll finally decide to comb your hair these dreads are going to give you a very difficult fight. You’ll have to yank and pull your hair a lot to get the knots out which means a lot of hair fall along with tears of pain.

8. The no touch rule-

I know it’s very tempting to touch your own hair after every five minutes but if you are out on a trek then please try and avoid it consciously. Even if your hands are clean don’t touch your hair often because the less you touch them the less dirty they will get.

9. Dry shampoo-

okay before you guys get furious at me for suggesting this let me elaborate this to make it sound better. As I mentioned that there are many people who during long treks ditch shampoos and conditioners because they take a lot of space. But on the other hand, there are also people who avoid carrying them because of the fear of exposing their hair to hard water. Hard water can be very harmful to the hair and can clog all your pores which will prevent your scalp from absorbing moisture making it frizzy and brittle. And that is why opting for a dry shampoo can be a better option for your hair as compared to not washing it at all or washing it in hard water. 

With that I hope you guys are all ready for your trek with your luscious locks intact.

Argan Oil for Hair


Argan Oil For Hair: Everything You Need To Know

argan oil

If you are someone who is yearning for Rapunzel like tresses, then you may want to level up your hair game. While I truly understand that a weekly TLC might not be on the cards for you, you must start taking small steps for good hair. After all, the stress along with heaps of coffee you consume takes a toll on your hair. Now before you send your mind into a frenzy and start thinking about the various products to cake on your scalp for good hair let me give you the easiest solution; argan oil. 

Argan oil can be proudly called the specialty of Morocco and is extracted from argan tree’s kernels which happen to be high in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and are also rich in antioxidants. Now, what more would we look for in an oil? 

Argan Oil Benefits for Hair


1. Reverse the clock :

To be honest we all have used heat on our hairs to style them beautifully at some point in our lives. Though a little heat is not much harmful, excessive and frequent use of heating products can damage hair to make them lifeless and may even lead to hairfall. If you find yourself in a ‘OMG! How do i save my hairs now?’, fret not we have got you covered. A regular use of some argan oil on your scalp and hair strands is enough to induce life in them. So go ahead give it a try but remember to limit the heat.

2. No more lifeless hair :

Frizzy dull hairs are a result of unhydrated hairs, they lack moisture. It makes hair loose its shine. Not only is it not a good sight, such a condition eventually leads to hair fall.  While hair fall isn’t a disease, the feeling of seeing broken strands on the brush can overwhelm anyone. Argan oil works as a great natural conditioner and provides your dry scalp with enough hydration to make your hair smooth and shiny again.

3. Goodbye Flaky And Itchy Scalp :

Those pesky white flakes can be very hard to get rid of add a pinch of itch to it and it can be summed up to a major embarrassment and add on a hectic schedule to it, a headache for sure! Argan oil can help you fight them. Applying argan oil twice a week for a couple of hours can help you get rid of them.

Pro tip- cover your hair with a shower cap if you plan to leave the oil overnight. This will not only protect your pillowcase but the heat produced inside the cap will help the oil penetrate better.

4. Pool Water? Worry Not :

Well, most of us are aware of the fact that cholrineIf you happen to be someone who loves swimming then I guess you must be aware of the negative impacts of pool water. Now leaving swimming just to keep your hair protected isn’t a very practical idea but taking care of your hair with argan oil is surely one. After swimming just apply argan oil on your scalp and massage it for five to ten minutes before washing it off with a shampoo of your choice.

5. Bye Bye Hair Fall :

If anything around you has caused your hair to fall then you must add argan oil in your weekly hair TLC session to prevent it. Nearly 40 percent of women in America experience hair loss at some point in their life. Argan oil ensures that the number of hair follicles you lose don’t exceed the number you can grow. This keeps a balanced system and ensures that your luscious locks don’t fall off. 

6. Hairs Sunscreen : 

While a healthy tan might be on top of the list of priorities you wouldn’t want to trade good hair for good skin. In case you are planning to go outside in the sun then make sure you apply argan oil on your scalp and massage it thoroughly. You could braid your hair afterward to protect the moisture and to make it look chic.

How to use Argan Oil?

You can use Argan oil in two ways. You can either use it in pure oil form or as an ingredient in hair products. Whereas, indirect use refers to opting for haircare products like shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, etc. which contain argan oil in them. I personally prefer the direct way since it is natural and more effective as compared to using it indirectly. 

How to choose argan oil?

There are an array of options out there when it comes to Argan Oil but you must adhere to these basic rules before buying one to ensure you are purchasing the authentic product. 

1. Avoid Plastic Bottles

While this might be the motto of most of the people to save the earth. You during choosing argan oil should also follow this. Argan oil should always be stored in dark-colored glass bottles and not in transparent plastic bottles to protect it from the light. Since exposure to light can damage and kill many benefits of the oil. 

2. Check The Ingredients List –

Make sure that you read the ingredients list. What you are looking for is 100% pure argan oil and thus it should be free of any preservatives, fragrances or any other substance. There should only be one ingredient on the back. Do not shell your money on any product which claims to be infused with argan oil. 

3. Cosmetic Grade Oil-

If you plan to use the oil only for your body and hair then look for cosmetic grade oil since it is not roasted. But in case you want to go overboard with argan oil and try everything with it then you choose anything which pleases your eye. Make sure you do your research before buying the oil and not get confused between Moroccan oil and argan oil since these two are a bit different. 

4. Certified Stores-

Unless you are planning to go to Morocco to extract the argan oil yourself don’t buy it from any other random vendor or website. Make sure you look for relevant stickers and buy it from a well-known brand than a shady one. 

DIY Argan Oil Hair Mask: 

The easiest way to use argan oil is by applying it directly on your scalp but if you are looking for some new ways to inculcate it in your hair regime then start by making an argan oil hair mask. 

This hair mask is very easy and is going to satisfy you with the results.

All you need are a couple of common ingredients: 

  • Coconut oil
  • Argan oil
  • Shea butter 

Mix these three ingredients in equal quantities (depending upon the length of your hair) and apply the concoction on your roots thoroughly and along the length of your hair. Leave it for a few hours before washing it off with water. Use your regular shampoo to get rid of the oil from the scalp. 

This hair mask is going to leave your hair deeply moisturized and will give your hairs a spa-like shine and fragrance of Shea butter will make you smell heavenly.